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The Commonwealth Forces is one of the main Allied factions featured in Company of Heroes 3.


The Commonwealth Forces represent the collective armies of the British Empire, called from all corners of the globe to combat tyranny in Europe under one banner. Despite the considerable losses of the British Expeditionary Forces at the beginning of the war, the Commonwealth Forces in Italy represent an army that is on the offense, bolstered by American arms and armor.  

The Commonwealth Forces are the most well-rounded implementation of a British Faction we have seen in the Company of Heroes franchise, able to hold their own in both defense and on the attack. Use reliable and robust infantry to take and hold objectives, harass the enemy with versatile light vehicles, fortify with artillery and team weapons, and counterattack with massed allied armor.

A host of new weapons, vehicles and units are being called into battle with the Commonwealth Forces, along with firm favorites. Note that this faction is not as far along in development as our US Forces or the Wehrmacht, so expect many things to be subject to change.

Army Attributes[]

  • Robust Infantry – Between Infantry Sections, Sappers and Guards, the Commonwealth Forces have infantry options aplenty. Not to mention elite infantry joining the fight from around the globe.
  • Mobility in Force – Calling upon the experience of their desert exploits, the Commonwealth has a host of light vehicles and tanks to push deep into enemy lines, most of which can be withdrawn if necessary, to facilitate bringing in stronger armor.
  • Artillery Support – Support your advances or cover your retreat with readily-available artillery support from your HQ’s 25 Pounder, or from a wide variety of indirect fire weapons, such as the Bishop self-propelled gun.
  • Arms Race – The Commonwealth and the BEF before them have always been outgunned compared to the superior armor and weaponry of the Wehrmacht. Weapons such as the 2 Pounder may be effective in the early game, but you will need to replace them eventually in order to keep the pace.
  • Simplicity – With only 4 core buildings compared to the US Forces’ 5, the Commonwealth faction is by far the easiest to pick up, play and master, but lacks the sheer depth and specialization of the Wehrmacht’s Field Marshals.  


Thanks to their simplified Tech Tree, the Commonwealth Forces can choose how heavily they want to invest in each of their production buildings, without risk of constructing a building unsuitable for the opponent they're facing. While some more powerful units will need to be unlocked before they can be produced, this carries less risk overall and helps keep everything streamlined.  

Where Commonwealth players will need to be alert is in preserving their vehicles – while the Humber Armoured Car might be a menace against infantry early in the game, it cannot stand up against later light vehicles, such as the 251/17 Flak Half-Track. Similarly, early tanks such as the 2 Pounder Valentine will quickly become outgunned against the likes of a Panzer IV. While these vehicles still have their uses, even towards the late game, Commonwealth players should recall their vehicles, reclaiming some of their original cost, in order to upgrade.

Where the Commonwealth truly shine is in a balanced playstyle: using aggressive infantry such as Guards to secure territory, while relying on team weapons such as the Vickers HMG to hold them; bombard enemy emplacements with your 25 Pounder, before rushing them with Stuart Light Tanks; or soften up enemy vehicles with .55 caliber Boys Anti-Tank rifles on your Rifle Sections, to create an opening for Valentine and Sherman tanks.

Base Buildings[]

Commonwealth Headquarters[]

The starting building for the Commonwealth.


  • Sapper Squad – The toolbox of the UK Forces, capable of constructing defenses, repairing vehicles and emplacements, and assaulting fortifications when upgraded with flamethrowers
  • Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Team – Heavy weapon team armed with a Vickers .30 Cal heavy machine gun. Can suppress and pin any infantry within its arc of fire.


The cornerstone of the Commonwealth, capable of deploying Infantry Sections, Dingo Recon Vehicles and Mortar Teams.


  • Infantry Section – Mainline infantry armed with Lee Enfield rifles. Can be upgraded with Recce, Anti-Tank or LMG packages to adapt their role. Effective against all infantry.
  • 81mm Mortar Team – Heavy weapon team armed with an 81mm mortar. Can barrage areas at range with High Explosive shells. Can fire Smoke Shells that block line of sight.
  • Dingo Light Armoured Vehicle – Light recon vehicle armed with a Bren light machine gun. Can harass infantry and weapon teams.

Motor Platoon[]

This mechanized production building allows the Commonwealth Forces to push the advantage and continue their aggression with a light armored assault and anti-tank weapons.

  • 6-Pounder AT Gun Team – Heavy weapon team armed with a 6-pounder anti-tank gun. Has increased range but normal line of sight.
  • Humber Armoured Vehicle – Light vehicle armed with a 20mm machine gun. Can harass infantry and weapon teams. Effective at flanking maneuvers.
  • CWT 15 – Light truck that can reinforce infantry in the field when stationary. Can also transport infantry.
  • Bishop Self-Propelled Artillery - Medium tank chassis with a mounted 105mm Howitzer. Can barrage long-distance targets with High-Explosive shells.
  • Stuart Light Tank - Light tank equipped with a 37mm main gun and .30 Cal machine guns. Can be upgraded with Utility Kit or Tank Commander.

Armoured Platoon[]

The final tier of the Commonwealth Forces unlocks a host of armored tanks and destructive power capable of dealing the final blow to the enemy.

  • Coldstream Guards – Elite infantry equipped with Thompson submachine guns and Bazookas. These elite infantry are an immediate threat for any vehicle but can hold their own against infantry of a similar caliber.
  • Valentine Medium Tank – Medium Tank armed with a 2-pounder main gun. Can upgrade main gun to 6-pounder at the cost of anti-infantry efficiency.
  • M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank – Medium tank armed with a 75mm M3 gun and two .30 Cal machine guns.
  • MK3 Churchill Heavy Tank - Heavy tank equipped with a 2-pounder main gun. Able to withstand considerable damage.
  • Archer Tank Destroyer - Tank destroyer armed with a 17-pounder gun. Most effective when attacking rear-armor.

Medical Station - Casualty Clearing[]


The Medical Station is the army’s primary in-base healing platform with a twist. In addition to passively healing nearby infantry and team weapons, the Medical Station also spawns Field Medics that roam the battlefield searching for and returning downed infantry from the brink of death. Returned casualties grant up to 6 free reinforcements in the base sector.

Key Points[]

  • Unlocks Field Medics
    • Passive infantry units that automatically spawn from the Medical Station
    • Passively rescue casualties on the battlefield that provide free reinforcements once returned to base

Defensive Structures[]

The following structures can be built by infantry such as the Engineer squad.

  • Sandbag Wall: Wall of sandbags that provide heavy cover, can be vaulted over.
  • Barbed Wire Fence: Row of barbed wire that blocks infantry from moving through the area.
  • Tank Trap: Tank traps block light and medium vehicles from moving through an area.
  • Mine: Mine that is triggered by proximity, dealing damage in an area.

Battlegroup Units[]

Battlegroup units are units that are called in from off map locations. Usually, these units are extremely effective at what they were designed to do. They are the following units:

  • Gurkha Rifles – As stalwart as they are deadly, a squad of Gurkhas can easily turn the tide of an engagement. Able to rush the enemy with Thompson submachine guns or hold them at bay with Bren light machine guns, Gurkhas are deadly against infantry. Available in the Indian Artillery Battlegroup.
  • Crusader AA Medium Tank - Medium tank armed with a 40mm Bofors anti-air gun.
  • Churchill Black Prince - Heavy tank equipped with a 17-pounder main gun. Able to withstand considerable damage.
  • BL 5.5-Inch Artillery Gun: Highly effective indirect fire against enemy infantry and emplacements.
  • 25-Pounder Artillery Emplacement: Heavy artillery emplacement. Can fire a high-explosive salvo over larger distances.