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Bourguébus: Marching Onward is the ninth and final mission of the British campaign, based on Operation Goodwood.


Operation Goodwood. Remnants of the 1st SS Korps are regrouping south of Caen. Reinforced with extra armor, 3rd Battalion's orders are to advance towards the Bourguébus ridge and neutralize all remaining panzer formations.

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1.) Clear Soliers & Fours

"Defeat the German defenses around the train depot in Soliers and the church in the town of Fours."

2.) (0/6) Neutralize the 88s Flak Battery on the Ridge

"The ridge near Bourquebus is defended by Flak 88 Guns. Assault the ridge and destroy them."

3.) Clear Bourguébus

"Clear the Panzers defending Borguebus and capture the Victory Point to secure the town."

Secondary Objectives[]

1.) (0/34) Neutralize Panzer formations

"Inflict numerous casualties on the first SS Panzer Division."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) (0/10) Minimize Tank Casualties

"3rd Battalion's orders are to limit armored losses for Operation Goodwood."


  • An ample amount of Pak 38 50mm Anti Tank Guns defend the towns; eliminate them quickly.
  • There are a good number of Flak 88s. Using a sizable infantry group can take them out without getting hit as often as the tanks.
  • Create a strong group of tanks to engage the panzer divisions once the Flak 88s are destroyed.
  • 17 Pounder AT Guns will prove incredibly useful, not only for the panzer attacks but also against the King Tigers, but be careful since it took at least two shots from King Tiger to destroy the 17 Pounder.
  • A special note for this mission is that the King Tigers and the Jagdpanthers have significantly increased firepower than the previous mission. King Tigers will one shot Fireflies and do critical damage to Cromwells and Churchills. Try to button the King Tigers first before engaging them with armor. Sappers is reccomended to have Expert Engineers to ensure the Churchills can withstand up to three direct hit from King Tigers and Jagdpanthers.
  • Form 1 Battle Group, with at least 3 Churchills (Reccomend to get the Crocodile) to take on the punishment from Jadgpanthers and King Tigers while make at least 6 Sherman Fireflies if you didn't pick Engineers doctrine. You may lost 1 or 2 Firefly, but it's a good trade-off since the Firefly can engage the Jagd and King Tiger from further distance while the Churchills can take on punishment. Also, have Cromwell Command Tank blend in since it gives better accuracy and penetration rate for Fireflies.


After taking the towns of Soliers, Fours, and Bourgebous, the 1st SS Panzer Division immediately withdrew. By that time, most SS units were annihilated in the attack by the British. Captain Cutting informed Major Blackmore that 3rd Battalion was being withdrawn, relieved by 2nd Battalion. After the battle, Major Blackmore finds an Iron Cross and leaves with the rest of 3rd Battalion.

Originally a D-Day objective, it took 44 days for the British to capture Caen. Constant pressure by the British allowed the Americans to break out of Normandy, and within a few days, Paris was captured.

Major Blackmore retired after the war ended. He taught at the Military Academy at Woolsach until his death in 1983.


Military Cross[]

Awarded for minimizing armored casualties.

France and Germany Star[]

Awarded for taking and securing the city of Caen.