• Gunslinger lucky


    February 13, 2016 by Gunslinger lucky

    Why i hate cpu's i ask? well for one thing....THIER STUPID!!! like come on, i was like geeting pummeled by the british as a panzer elite base with 3 other pnazer elite bases with me and they were doing nothing but walking around the battle without any sign of heavy attacking! they even place thier own structres in the area you were going to put them in and thier not very good as allies then as oppnents......anyone else have this problem?

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  • Gunslinger lucky

    I think they've gone too far inland in eoroupe. how about a little dip in the ocean or somewhere in the pacififc! I'd Like to see what the COH do to replicate the Japenes army against the American and thier marines. what do you all think?

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  • John Pan

    CoH1946 Addendum

    September 22, 2015 by John Pan

    CoH 1946 Addendum

    The armed forces of a totalitarian communist state, nominally led by Marshal, General Secretary of the VKP(b), Father of the Nations etc. Iosif Stalin, an incredibly ruthless and paranoid, but cold, calculating and charismatic dictator subject to constant deification. Stalin's reforms, at a colossal cost as it may be, turned the Soviet Union into an industrial powerhouse within a decade, and his "Communism in one country" doctrine made it possible to communicate diplomatically with the outside world – pre-Stalin leadership postulated an upcoming global revolution facilitated by the armed forces of the USSR – but his manic purges have wiped out much of the Civil War-era military leadership as well as Soviet veterans of the …

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  • John Pan

    Imperial Japanese Army (Japan) Layout

    • Production: Combat Engineers

    • 180MP 3Men
    • Armament: 3x Type 38 Rifle
    • Production: Builds all base buildings, Sandbags, Dragon's Teeth, Barbed Wire
    • Abilities
      • Repair
    • Upgrades
      • Type 100 Flamethrower x1 (50MU): Provides the Combat Engineer squad with a single Type 100 Flamethrower.
      • Mine Detectorx1 (30MU): Provides the Combat Engineer squad with a single Magnetic Anomaly Detector to find mines hidden underground.

    Combat Engineers are the basic construction and repair forces of the IJA. If upgraded, they can perform specialized tasks, such as clear buildings or detect mines.

    • 190MP 15FU
    • Requirements: Command Bunker
    • Production: Jungle Corps, Type 92 HMG, Bicycle Scout

    • 240MP 5Men
    • Armament: 5x Type 38 Rifle
    • Abilities
      • Throw Grenade (…

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  • John Pan

    National Revolutionary Army (China) Layout

    • Production: Militia, Engineers
    • Upgrades
      • Moltov Package 100MP 10FU: Allows Militia to throw Molotov Cocktails

    • 200MP 6Men
    • Armament: 6x Type 24 Rifles
    • Abilities
      • Throw Molotov Cocktail (15MU): Toss an incendiary grenade out to damage vehicle engines or burn out enemy infantry.

    Production: Sandbags, Sandbag Barricade

    Cheap cannon fodder drawn from all over China. Easy to produce and replace, Militia are the ones who hold up the National Revolutionary Army. They are capable of constructing basic field defenses.

    • 120MP 2Men
    • Armament: 2x Mauser C96
    • Production: all Base Buildings, Sandbags, Sandbag Barricade
    • Abilities
      • Repair

    A fragile yet incredibly important unit, NRA Engineers are the ones responsible for the constructi…

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  • John Pan

    American Expeditionary Forces Layout

    • Production: Riflemen, Willys Jeep, Army Engineers

    • 200MP 3 Men
    • Armament: 3x M1 Garand
    • Abilities
      • Throw Grenade 20MU: The squad will throw an Mk. II “Pineapple” grenade at the target location.
      • Prioritize Vehicle/Free-fire
    • Upgrades
      • M1918 BAR (40MU): Provides the Riflemen with a Browning Automatic Rifle, increasing their effectiveness against infantry.
      • M20A1 Bazooka (50MU): Provides the Riflemen with a Bazooka, increasing their effectiveness against vehicles. The weapon can only be fired when immobile. Unlocks the Prioritize Vehicle/Free-fire Ability.
      • Medic (50MU): Attaches a medic to the Riflemen squad, granting them the ability to heal all friendly infantry (including themselves) out of combat.

    Riflemen are the backb…

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  • John Pan

    British Commonwealth Layout

    • Production: Infantry Section, Universal Carrier

    • 300MP 5 Men
    • Armament: 5x SMLE No. 4
    • Production: Sandbags
    • Abilities
      • Throw Grenade 20MU: The Infantry Section will hurl a Mills Bomb 36M at the target location.
    • Upgrades
      • Bren Gun (40MU): Provides the Infantry Section with a Bren Gun, increasing their effectiveness against infantry. The weapon can only be fired when immobile.
      • PIAT (50MU): Provides the Infantry Section with a PIAT, increasing their effectiveness against vehicles. The weapon can only be fired when immobile.

    Infantry Sections are the backbone of the British Armed Forces, capable of being upgraded with better weaponry, granting them the ability to cover any combat role. They receive enhanced accuracy and rate-of-fi…

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  • John Pan

    Red Army (Soviet) Layout

    • Production: Combat Engineers, Conscripts

    • 190MP 4 Men
    • Armament: 4x Sudayev SMGs
    • Production: Builds all base buildings, Barbed Wire, Mines
    • Abilities
      • Repair
      • Cut Barbed Wire
    • Upgrades
      • Mine Detector x1 (30MU): Provides the Combat Engineer squad with a single Magnetic Anomaly Detector to find mines hidden underground.

    Combat Engineers are the basic construction and repair units of the Red Army.

    • 240MP 6 Men
    • Armament: 6x M1930 Mosin rifle
    • Production: Sandbags
    • Abilities
      • Throw Grenade 20MU: Throws one RG-42 grenade at the target location.
      • Throw BZS 20MU: AKA (anti-tank) Molotov Cocktail. The People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs is not amused.
      • Oorah! 20MU: For 10 seconds, the squad sprints and disregards suppression, but die much more easily…

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  • John Pan

    Army of the Third Reich (Wehrmacht) Layout

    • Production: Pioneers, Grenadiers

    • 200MP 4 Men
    • Armament: 4x MP40
    • Production: Builds all base buildings, Reinforced Barbed Wire, Mines
    • Abilities
      • Repair
      • Cut Barbed Wire
    • Upgrades
      • FW42 Flamethrower x1 (50MU): Provides the Pioneer squad with a single FW42 Flamethrower.
      • Mine Detector x1 (30MU): Provides the Pioneer squad with a single Magnetic Anomaly Detector to find mines hidden underground.
      • First Aid Training (50MU): Provides the Pioneer squad with medical kits and the expertise to effectively use them. Allows them to heal nearby infantry (and themselves) out of combat.

    Pioneers are the basic support infantry of the Wehrmacht. They can be upgraded to perform a multitude of support roles.

    • 240MP 4 Men
    • Armament: 4x Kar…

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  • MA4585159

    Company of Heroes: 1946

    November 21, 2014 by MA4585159

    An attempt to get myself out of writer's block by carrying out an unrelated rant. So, what if the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact dragged on quite a bit longer and the Soviet-German war took place in the early 1950s?

    A few overall notes for starters: the American-Japanese conflict would not happen, as the Soviet Union would do everything possible to prevent another expansionist empire at its borders, and a few minor battles convinced the Japanese that invading deeper into Siberia would be a Bad Idea. That would keep the US from entering the war and making the massive technological leaps it did; attempting to predict the alternate history development of the US Army starting with 1941-1942 is utterly impossible because it entered the Real Life war in …

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  • DesertDust

    Wehrmacht's pages

    November 20, 2014 by DesertDust

    All wehrmacht units have now (actual and correct i hope) informations about veterancy and emblems. I think that all pictures, which are related to Wehrmacht faction are now uploaded(with the exception of King tiger's emblem). I'll now try to add more detailed weapon stats and other content.

    DesertDust (talk) 15:01, November 20, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Virgil007

    My Activities 3

    October 21, 2014 by Virgil007

    October 20, 2014

    -Created Entry for Doctrines/Tactics/Companies

    Now any instances in any future articles that may say the following- 'This ability is available only to certain commanders' will be replaced with 'Doctrinal'

    Thing with the Doctrines article- It's gonna be massive. I'll need to make a list of all Commanders for the Oberkommando West, the Ostheer Wermacht, the Americans, and the Red Army. Then I'll need at least a brief description of all those commanders, and eventually a full article for each. Then I'll need a list of all abilities available to all commanders, then at the least brief descriptions for all those, and eventually short articles for each. Pictures will be needed of all their smug mugs looking into the camera, statist…

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  • Virgil007

    My Activities 2

    October 13, 2014 by Virgil007


    -Edited Penal Battalion Entry Added overview.

    -Created Combat Engineers Entry 

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  • Virgil007

    My Activities

    October 7, 2014 by Virgil007

    October 6, 2014.

    -Conscript Squad entry edited. Added abilities, corrected capitalization, yaddah yaddah. I'm still not happy with it.

    -Created entry for Penal Battalion. 

       Virgil007 (talk) 02:48, October 7, 2014 (UTC)Virgil

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  • MA4585159

    A Mod for a Mod

    August 18, 2013 by MA4585159

    Personally-made roster of Soviet army troops. Stage I of the post details all plausible units, basically a brainstorm – Stage II will detail commanders, building and the tech tree.

    Preposition 1: target period is early 1943-1944, during which the Red Army became much more established and tactically savvy, whereas the Wehrmacht was deploying its most iconic units. One side grew out of the most desperate measures (Soviet materiel shortages and mass use of expendable militia in 1941 and radical discipline enforcement of 1942-43; since 1943 the commissars held much less power) while the other hadn’t resorted to them yet (by 1945 Germans used summary execution for unauthorised retreat, had severe material shortages, political officers (Führungso…

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  • JAlbor

    Company of Heroes 2 releases tomorrow! But those with pre-orders have access to the beta already. Wikia handed out a few codes to folks and invited you to send in your chronicles of the game. Check out early responses to the game below. And of course, big thanks to everyone who participated! If you've played Company of Heroes 2, let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below!

    The Cold One

    We were the first boots in the snow for the German army. The destination was some unknown road, of some unknown village in some unknown part of Russia. Were it not for high command’s orders to secure the small, I would have never heard of this place. The name was Kholodny Ferma and the Ruskies were already there. What started out as a light ski…

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  • JAlbor

    Company of Heroes 2 release is around the corner and Sega wants to recognize the Company of Heroes wiki and your expertise in the game! With a Beta in the works, the team wants to invite you to join the beta, play the game, and chronicle your experiences!

    What strategies do you use? How does the game compare to the first Company of Heroes? What are your favorite additions to the series? What exciting stories can you share with us?

    Here's how it will work:
    If you agree to write three or more paragraphs on your experiences, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address. If selected, we will get back to you shortly with details about the Beta Chronicles as well as codes to get you into the action!

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  • DesertDust


    Ehm.. Because wehrmacht article looks just bad, I decided to make my own article. I didn’t want to edit this wiki so seriously without permission, so I would be glad, if someone could check it, and express opinion about it(sry if "too long, didn’t read" ;)). Grammar should be checked of course, because english isn’t my native language, so you can expect mistakes. I have left 2 sections almost without changes. Generally, article is written in "normal" language(without CoH slang, no words like, volk, bl0b, mg, flamer")'I have skipped tactic about from Krieg barracks to Panzer command, it can be added later. This article is rather about linear advance through phases.

    If you have ideas, what should be changed, post it in comments, or my …

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  • John Pan

    Company of Heroes: Modern Combat Proposed Additions Reward Doctrines

    Ask friendly NATO allies to provide support to your forces on the battlefield. Well-rounded armored platforms, airstrikes and logistics support are all in the bag.

    Left: Airborne Support

    1) Drone Reconnaissance

    Description: Recon Drones fly around the map, feeding in intelligence to your infantry, allowing them to detect nearby tanks.

    Effects: Same as vCoH Panzer Elite Tank Awareness


    2) E-8C J-STARS Support

    Description:Allows a nearby J-STARS aircraft to provide enemy transmissions decryption for your troops on the ground.

    Effects: Same as vCoH British Royal Commandos Ultra Decryption Ability

    2 CP

    3) Typhoon Run

    Description: Allocates a single Eurofighter Typhoon to att…

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  • John Pan

    Russian Federation After a Ultra-nationalist party seizes power in Russia, they believe that the war between China and the U.S. is a great way to destroy the Yankee superpower once and for all. Russia asks if they may intervene, and China complies.

    Russian units are rather mixed. Newer designs are very powerful, but older designs are underpowered compared to their counterparts in any other fraction.

    The Field Combat Complex is the basic base building. Buildable units: Enenzherery

    The Basic Combat Complex is the most basic additional base building, responsible for basic infantry and light vehicles Cost 200 Manpower 10 Fuel Buildable Units: Strelki Light AT Strelki GAZ-2975

    The Support Equipment Complex provides fire support for the Russian Army.…

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  • John Pan

    NATO Europe

    After a year of stalemate after stalemate, the U.S. has called the rest of NATO to join it's crusade against the Chinese. Germany and Great Britain then join the U.S. cause.

    NATO Europe units are generally more expensive than their counterparts in any other fraction, but they are more versatile and are somewhat more powerful. Their units focus on abilities and upgrades.

    Tier One:

    Field Headquarters Truck

    The Field Headquarters truck is NATO Europe's First Command Unit.

    Buildable Units:

    Infantry Squad

    LGS Fennek

    Tier Two:

    Support Truck

    The Support Truck is responsible for additional infantry and advanced armor.

    Cost: 400 Manpower 50 Fuel

    Buildable Units:


    FV 107 Scimitar

    Wiesel 2

    Tier 3:

    Armor Truck

    This is the final building, and is where…

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  • Gamer124

    I love making maps and have made so many. I want to make historical places like Berlin and Omaha Beach. I want to make a Berlin map but I don't know much about Berlin in 1945. I have made a little Berlin map thats 6v6 called The Battle of Berlin but it looks nothing like Berlin. Gamer124 23:40, March 7, 2012 (UTC)Gamer124Gamer124 23:40, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Bachinchi


    July 19, 2011 by Bachinchi

    Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I came around here. I hadn't edited because I was busy studying. Also I was very disappointed of THQ/Relic decision to shut down Company of Heroes: Online, so I didn't want to hear anything about CoH. Anyways I'm in vacation now and a friend recently purchased a copy of Company of Heroes Anthology (contain the three games) so I asked to buy me one copy (I used to wear an Eyepatch if you know what I mean).

    These days I have been enjoying this game (again) and... well I wanted to return here to see if everything is running fine.

    I have edited Company of Heroes (synchronized with Wikipedia); also I changed the background color to a darker one, I hope this improves readability. I also fixed a little glitc…

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  • G1n032

    Message to all

    March 24, 2011 by G1n032

    I don't want to be appearing to be taking up a position more than what I really am but, I only want ot suggest a few things regarding this Wiki:

    I've noticed that this particular wiki isn't actually very detailed or definitive as I expected.
    I've noticed the progressiveness and status the Call of Duty Wiki holds in the Wikia universe and I wouldn't mind for us to emulate that as well.

    I've noticed that the pages are almost always out of order, uncategorized, lacking in definition and severely flawed. It isn't very soothing to the eye and isn't a way to help the wiki to grow and become productive. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the game and it isn't very satisfying to see the wiki not being as productive. Alot of other players als…

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  • Bachinchi

    Today's changes

    November 8, 2010 by Bachinchi

    Ok, today I have been categorizing stuff all day.

    I also created a set a templates that I consider necessary (more or less) for every wiki ;).

    We now have:

    • - A general citation template.
    •  !!
    • family
    • , and family
    •  !!

    Also, I imported (mostly from Call of Duty Wikia) a set of policies. I haven't discussed them with anyone yet, but I hope everyone agreed with them. Take a look of them here. As a preventive way I have protected all of those policies against IPs and unconfirmed users.


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  • Bachinchi

    New exciting changes!

    November 7, 2010 by Bachinchi

    Since Attack Rhino granted me with administrator rights (thanks!), I have been changing the "look and feel" of the site.

    Yesterday, 6/11/10 I slighly changed the theme of the wiki. Now, it's configuration is:

    • Page Background color #2D2D2D
    • Links color #006CB0
    • Buttons color #012E59
    • Header color #6D0D00
    • Background color #000
    • Background image File:Wiki-background taken from official web page and edited with GIMP to make it smaller than 100kb.

    Today, I also updated the main page. For details, go here.

    There is also a in case of changing the current theme.


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  • Xzarthemad

    Day two, more to do!

    October 22, 2010 by Xzarthemad

    Did a halfway decent cleanup of the M7 Priest page. New projects include:

    Edit Varieties section of M4A3 Sherman page and create standalone page for Sherman Caliope. Procure images of Caliope (FRAPS).

    Go through the following pages:

    Jeep (remove redundant links)

    M2A1 105mm Howitzer (Add images, improve text)

    M10 Tank Destroyer (remove redundant links, improve text)

    SdKfz 234 Armoured Car (links)

    Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank (links)

    Panther (links)

    Tiger (links)

    King Tiger (spellcheck)

    Cromwell Tank (links)

    That should be enough work for now. x__x

    Xzar The Mad 15:34, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Xzarthemad

    First Day

    October 21, 2010 by Xzarthemad

    Just joined, looking around to see what needs fixing and/or improving. Not much to add on the main unit pages so far, but there seem to be a lot of little pages with no outgoing links. Gonna have a field day with those tomorrow. :D


    Memo to self: Expand on and streamline the following pages:

    Airborne Company

    Armor Company

    Infantry Company

    Luftwaffe Tactics

    Scorched Earth Tactics

    Tank Destroyer Tactics

    See if you can make it in the style of the Wehrmacht Doctrine pages - include links to abilities, pictures (FRAPS) and general info. Christ, this is going to take a long time.

    Xzar The Mad 19:48, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Nukedz

    Well so far, I've made some good progress this month:

    I've created these pages...

    Goliath tracked mine

    Hotchkiss Light tank

    StuH 42

    American Structures

    Wehrmacht Structures

    Category: Base structures

    Category: Reward Unit

    Category: British Units

    And modified some of the short pages:

    Light AT halftrack



    I forgot the rest though.

    this wiki still needs more. So many missing little time.

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