Company of Heroes Wiki

Change Log:[]


  • Static Howitzers will no longer refuse to fire at a position
  • Force Retreat abilities will now properly retreat infantry squads with Hold Ground active
  • Axis 20mm guns will no longer bounce off of Armored Jeep
  • 37mm cannons will not fail to penetrate the über cannon-proof vests of Axis snipers
  • Various text fixes and adjustments based on the feedback here on the forum* (see below for specifics)
  • Panzer IV F2 has now AP ammo upgrade as first and HE ammo as second, it used to be the other way which made the game literarly unplayable
  • Axis 20mm guns will no longer penetrate Cromwell tanks


  • 37mm gun now provides light cover to the crew (applied yellow cover because with green the crew suffers from immortality syndrome)
  • Lowered the HP of M26 Pershing to 850 (from 1000)
  • Lowered the HP of Pershing Ace to 1050 (from 1200)
  • Fixed a bug where adding a .50cal to a tank will would kick a Tank Commander out of the tank
  • Field medics can no longer reinforce with paradrop
  • Minimum attack range of Recoilless Jeep gun set to 5 (from 0)
  • Rifle HEAT grenades should no longer deal too little damage to Motorbikes and Schwimmwagens
  • Rifle HEAT grenades can now only be targetted at vehicles
  • Lowered the range of HEAT rifle grenade to 40 (from 60)
  • Increased aim time of HEAT grenades to 1.5 - 2 sec. (from 0.25)

British Commonwealth:[]

  • It should be no longer possible to glitch Tulip rockets so that the second one is "guided" at the target
  • Applied another tweak to the Emplaced 25 pounders so that they no longer refuse to fire at selected area
  • 2-inch mortar will no longer have the "Hold Fire" button displayed twice when the unit enters camouflage mode
  • Removed deflection damage from 2 pounder gun on Staghound and unpgraded Daimler


  • Applied top MG changes to StuG MG (was forgotten in previous patch)
  • Cost of Early Tiger tank lowered to 840MP (from 950MP)
  • Cost of Late Tiger tank lowered to 865MP (from 975MP)
  • Cost of Tiger Ace lowered to 1370MP (from 1550MP)
  • Lowered the cost of Heavy tank factory to 300MP (from 400MP)
  • Sdkfz 234/4 (stubby 75mm gun "Puma") now has proper sound when shooting the HEAT/B shot

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Fixed a big where double AT grenade required "Experienced Tank Crews" instead of "Double AT Efforts"
  • Observation Halftrack should no longer switch places with PaK40 in Logistikompanie
  • Removed Periscope upgrade from Flammenhetzer (was forgotten when Periscopes were removed)
  • Added 15 Fuel cost to Vampire Halftrack (from 0 Fuel)
  • Vampire Halftrack now requires Logistic Company Upgrade

Text Changes:[]

*The text changes and fixes (applied to English texts) specifically:

  • M36B1 has now its own description in the Tank Depot (used to have the same as M36)
  • Field repairs on US tanks should now properly show the reason why they are unusable when in combat
  • 101st Weapon Supply Upgrade no longer mentions weapon cost reduction for non-existent BARs
  • .50cal MG nest has now its own description
  • Fortified post now informs about its ability to reinforce squads nearby
  • Recoilles Jeep will no longer try convince its users that it excels at hunting down enemy snipers
  • Staghound no longer states it is a command vehicle
  • 88mm Flak36 unlock in Defensive doctrine now also mentions the unlock of 88mm PaK43 emplacement
  • Fragmentation sleeve grandes no longer state they can only be used from cover
  • Stormtrooper call-in description now states that the squad can infiltrate buildings
  • PE Schwimmwagen no longer states it is unarmed
  • Fixed description of Light Observation HT
  • PE VT no longer mentions 105mm and 88mm arty participating