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Change Log:[]


  • Added PE markings on Bergetiered and Ammunition Halftrack
  • Made changes to various howitzer artillery pieces to make the shells hit a "circular" area rather than "line"
  • Corrected AoE range brackets for several artillery units
  • Barrage AoE UI indicator (the yellow circle) should now get properly bigger with range (the farther you shoot, the bigger the UI - to more accurately indicate the hit zone)
  • Lowered the rear/side penetration chance of 75mm guns (Shermans, Cromwells, Churchills) against Tigers (max range 25%), King Tigers (15%) and Jagdtiger (5%)
  • Lowered front penetration chance of 75mm guns (Shermans, Cromwells, Churchills) against StuG III/IV (max range 23%; 14% with skirts)
  • Lowered the rear/side penetration chance of Axis Stubby 75mm guns against Churchills (max range 10%), Croc Churchill (5%), Jumbo (35%), Pershings (25%) SP (15%)
  • Returned a kicker message when game registers a rear penetration on a vehicle (it says now "Weak armor point penetrated" to prevent confusion with pure "rear armor" hits)
  • Changed aim times for snipers 0.75 - 1.25 second (from 0.25; on average it is +1 second but it can be slightly less or more)
  • Doubled delay between shots for all mortars (including morter Halftracks; barrage abilities keep their fire rate)
  • Mortar smoke barrage abilities now fire 10 smoke shells per barrage (from 7)
  • Flamethrowers now have 80% chance to insta-kill occupants of a building, trench or emplacement when they hit them with the flamethrower
  • Captured 50mm PaK38 should now deal correct damage to all Axis tanks
  • Tweaked hull and coaxial MGs on vehicles to be a bit more useful
  • Tweaked Top MGs on vehicles (to compensate for better performance of hull and coaxial MGs)
  • General tweaks to .50cals (a bit more accurate, a bit higher RoF, can penetrate light armor)
  • Removed damage bonus from all AP abilities
  • AP abilities now cost 50ammo to activate (from 75ammo)
  • Using HEAT/B or HEAT/C abilities should no longer cause very long (5+ seconds) delay before the shot
  • Fixed wrong penetration values when shooting HEAT/B and HEAT/C (in some cases HEAT/B had higher penetration chances than HEAT/C)
  • The range of HEAT/B and HEAT/C set to 50 as intended (from 60)
  • Vision range of flak36 88mm corrected to 60 (from 85; the actual weapon range remains at 85 but to get the range some other unit will have to extend the view range)
  • The AP ammo of flak36 88mm should now be less accurate against infantry
  • The HE ammo of flak36 88mm should no longer deal too much damage to tanks
  • Construction cone of fire of MG nests should now more accurately correspond with actual the cone of fire when the MG nest is finished
  • Removed ammo price from mortar teams
  • JPIV L70 damage increased to 100-130 (from 80-120; same gun as Panther gun so same damage)
  • Increased Goliath AoE to 10 (from 8)
  • Increased damage done to vehicles by Goliath
  • Goliath now has higher chance to detrack vehicles and to damage or destroy engines
  • Lowered sight range of Goliath to 20 no matter if it is static or moving (from 60 (static) and 40 (moving))
  • Goliaths can be detected at at range of 5 now (from 3)
  • Fixed a bug where LeiG18 used wrong ammo for barrage which was significantly weaker than its direct-shooting ammo
  • All static howitzers (US/WM 105mm, 25 pounder) now fire 8 shots per barrage (from 6)
  • All static howitzers (US/WM 105mm, 25 pounder) now reload in 3-4 seconds (from 6-7)


  • Stuart no longer needs to buy upgrade to use HE mode (activation: 15 ammo, needs to wait at least 20 seconds to switch back to AP)
  • Riflegrenade upgrade is no longer mutually exlusive with other Riflemen weapon upgrades
  • Increased the range of HEAT riflegrenade to 60
  • Fixed a bug where the "Straffing raid" ability in AB HQ (converted from neutral building) would dissapear after upgrading the AP bullets
  • Fixed missing sandbags on M16 in AA mode
  • Fixed wrong range brackets of Riflemen M1 Garand
  • Tweaked the cooldown of Ranger M1 Garand to 1.5-1.75 (from 1.75)
  • Tweaked the cooldown of Ranger M1 Garand at closer ranges
  • 60mm mortar barrage cost set to 15 ammo
  • 80mm mortar barrage cost set to 25 ammo
  • 80mm mortar barrage describtion no longer uses the texts of 60mm mortar
  • Fixed a bug where US medics (built in Triage centers) were limited to 1 squad instead of 2
  • Medic team (deployed from Triage center) no longer reinforces anywhere with paradrop
  • Moved "Medkit" ability of Fortified Observation Point (Infantry doctrine) to slot 8 (from 12) to avoid ability clipping with garrisoned infantry
  • Fixed a model bug on M3 Halftrack
  • Fixed the range brackets on .30cal Jeep so that the effectiveness does not drop so fast
  • Lowered the Veterancy XP requirements of Stuart and Chaffee to 12/24/48/96 (from 25/55/90/135)
  • M10 with Bulldozer upgrade will no longer have the "Bulldozer balde" ability visible when camoed (so players can use the "hold fire" ability when in camo)
  • Top mount .50cal is now an upgrade for most vehicles (30 - 35 ammo)
  • Basic Ranger HP increased by 10
  • "Ranger Training" unlock in Infantry doctrine no longer adds +10HP to Rangers
  • "Ranger Training" unlock in Infantry doctrine now adds 25% damage reduction to Rangers
  • Rangers are now only available in Infantry doctrine
  • Rangers now require the "Ranger truck" unlock in order to be built
  • Infantry cost reduction unlock no longer affects Rangers
  • Fixed a bug where grenades dealt too low damage to emplacements
  • Increased the aiming time of M10's HEAT shot to 2.5 seconds (from 1.5)
  • Removed the detection radius of Calliope Jeep (it had same radius as .30cal Jeep, but Calliope Jeep is not recon unit)
  • Lowered the detection radius of Armored .50cal Jeep to "7" (from 18)
  • Added 5 fuel cost to Armored Jeep
  • Upkeep of Spotter lowered to cca 4MP/min (from 9.6MP/min)
  • Made changes to the HEAT riflegrenade projectile which should help it miss less often than intended (hopefully for good)
  • The cost of AT squad in Infantry doctrine should now be properly lowered with Mass Production unlock

British Commonwealth:[]

  • Stuart no longer needs to buy upgrade to use HE mode (activation: 15 ammo, needs to wait at least 20 seconds to switch back to AP)
  • Corrected AoE ranges of 95mm Churchill and Cromwell to 1/3/5/8 (from 1/3/7/7)
  • Assigned a Hotkey "B" for 95mm Churchill's and Cromwell's barrage
  • Lowered cost of Dingo to 240MP (from 300MP)
  • Lowered cost of Dingo to 170MP 5F after Captain is built
  • Lowered speed bonus of Flank Speed ability on Cromwells and Comets to +25% (from +50%)
  • Increased turret rotation of Comet to 22 (from 16; now it is closer to Cromwell)
  • Lowered turret rotation speed of M10 Achilles to 9 (from 13; now it is the same as M10 Wolverine)
  • Fixed a bug where Achilles and Comet had old turret rotation speeds when shooting HE rounds
  • 2inch mortar barrage cost set to 10 ammo
  • 3inch mortar barrage cost set to 25 ammo
  • 4.2inch mortar barrage cost set to 35 ammo (from 30)
  • Increased maximum range of Wasp flamethrower to 25
  • Lowered the Veterancy XP requirements of 2pounder Tetrarch to 12/24/48/96 (from 25/55/90/135)
  • Top mount .50cal on Staghound is now an upgrade (25 ammo)
  • Camouflaged Daimler Scout Car will now be revealed by bypassing units at range of "7" (from 20)


  • Applied arty changes to Grille (was forgotten before)
  • "46mm grenade" ability of GrB39 squad now requires the Tank Factory to become available
  • Increased cooldown of "46mm grenade" ability of GrB39 squad to 75 seconds (from 30)
  • Increased cost of "46mm grenade" ability of GrB39 squad to 70 ammo (from 50)
  • Fixed a bug where 46mm grenade missed a lot less than intended
  • Lowered range of 46mm grenade ability to 45 (from 55)
  • "HE grenade" of GrB39 squad now requires the Krieg Barracks to become available
  • Increased scatter of missed GrB HE grenades (even when they missed they usually hit so close that they dealt damage anyway)
  • Increased accuracy of Tiger's main gun to 1/1/0.9/0.9 (from 1/1/0.75/0.75)
  • Increased basic damage of Tiger's main gun to 120 - 150 (from 110 - 140)
  • Removed Flank Speed from Tiger tanks
  • Accurate Long Range Shot on Tiger Ace now requires Vet level 1 (from 2)
  • Fixed a bug where standard Geschützwagen shot had AoE similar to HE shots
  • 81mm mortar barrage cost set to 25 ammo
  • Fixed a bug where PaK38 automatically fired at enemy infantry
  • Sdkfz 234/3 ("Puma" with Stubby 75mm) now has the frontal MG active (it was on the model but never shooting)
  • GrB39 squad should no longer detect stealthed units in overly large area
  • Removed Wolfram ammo from Sdkfz 234/3 (Puma with stubby 75mm) and 75mm stubby Haftrack
  • Added the "Fire HEAT/B" ability to Sdkfz 234/3 (Puma with stubby 75mm) and 75mm stubby Haftrack
  • Fixed a bug where StuH and StuPa received no accuracy nerf when shooting at targets in smoke
  • Upkeep of Spotter lowered to cca 4MP/min (from 5.3MP/min)
  • Increased penetration of 20mm gun on Sdkfz 234 and 222 against jeeps (should no longer happen that the shouts bounce off from normal Jeeps and the chance to bounce off of Armored Jeep is also lower)
  • Goliath can now be built in Krieg Barracks (requires Assault Phase upgrade)
  • Added an option to drop a Goliath to PzB41 Halftrack (Defensive Doctrine)
  • Changed settings of Walking Stuka rockets so that they don't kill with 100% chance any infantry caught in AoE
  • Applied an improved texture on Sturmtiger (thanks to Panzerblitz1)

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Changed the base speed of Hotchkiss to 3.6 (from 5.5)
  • "Stuka Rockets" upgrade now reduces speed of Hotchkiss to 2.8 (from 4.4)
  • "Stuka Rockets" upgrade now requires "Panzer-support" building
  • "Stuka Rockets" upgrade limited to 2 at a time (Hotchkisses are still unlimited but you cannot have more than two at a time with rockets)
  • Hotchkiss barrage now has bigger scatter (so the rockets will land randomly in bigger area)
  • Changed settings of Hotchkiss rockets so that they don't kill with 100% chance any infantry caught in AoE
  • Hummel's "Rapid shooting position" (static mode) now reduces the reload time by 25% (from 50%)
  • Fixed a bug where Hummel in static mode was actually harder to hit
  • Hummel should no longer land majority of shells on the far edge of the hit zone
  • Fixed a bug where TH doc's "Periscope" unlock provided no bonus when TDs were in camo
  • Changed "range distances" for Henschel cannon
  • Lowered accuracy of Henschel aircraft to 1/0.9/0.8/0.7 (from 1/1/1/1)
  • Henschel planes no longer have doubled accuracy against certain tank types
  • Lowered "ready for fire" delay of Hetzer to 0.75-1.25 second (from 1.5)
  • Increased the cost of Panzer-Jäger Kommand building to 400MP (from 350MP)
  • Lowered the cost of Panzer-Support Kommand building to 400MP (from 550MP)
  • Lowered the cost of transport Halftrack to 250MP 15F (from 300MP 15F)
  • Fixed a bug where standard Nashorn shot had AoE similar to HE shots
  • 81mm mortar barrage cost set to 25 ammo
  • Sdkfz 234/4 (75mm L48 "Puma") now has ambush mode (static mode removed)
  • Camouflaged Kettenkrad will now be revealed by bypassing units at range of "7" (from 20)
  • Removed Wolfram ammo from 75mm stubby Haftrack
  • Added the "Fire HEAT/B" ability to 75mm stubby Haftrack
  • Sdkfz 234/4 ("puma" with PaK40) is now revealed from camouflage after firing a shot
  • Main cannon of JPIV L70 no longer fires at paratroopers in the air
  • Goliath can now be built in Logistic Kompanie (requires Infantry Support building)
  • For Ammunition HT lowered the price of "Place Goliath" ability to 50MP 50ammo (from 100 ammo)

Reasoning: by MarKr[]

Rear Armor Penetration Changes:[]

There are some changes to the rear penetration chances introduced in 5.1.5 - basically the short 75mm guns on both sides have less penetration chance against heavier units and now when you hit the rear armor there will be a text displayed which will help you tell if the stupid 50mm gun destroyed your Tiger "frontally" or not.

Artillery Changes: Hotchkiss[]

There is also a follow up on the arty changes introduced last time - some further tweaks were applied where necessary and the hit-zone pattern has been adjusted a bit so that artillery hits in a bit wider area rather than in a line.

Now specifically to Hotchkiss arty - the arty has been nerfed in several places:

  1. It is available later because the upgrade now requires Panzer-support building
  2. The tank itself is slower with the rockets so it should be easier to hunt it down
  3. There can be only 2 Hotchkisses with rocket upgrade at a time
  4. The scatter area of the barrage is significantly bigger which means that the rockets land farther away from each other, leaving less chance for targets to get hit by several rockets at once
  5. The rockets have been tweaked so that they no longer have 100% chance to instantly kill any infantry in AoE

In the end we decided that these nerfs are enough and the price of the barrage remained unchanged. In the beta the answer of players to bigger scatter was to build more Hotchkisses and shoot more rockets, this is not possible now with the limit of 2 so it should be enough. The rockets will still most likely kill any infantry in the AoE that has no cover and only when farther away from the center of the explosion AND in cover the infantry has some chance to survive the hit. The rockets are no longer super strong against tanks and vehicles and the infantry is the only thing that the rockets can reliably kill. If the rockets become "meh" against infantry too, there will be no point in building the unit at all.

Flamethrower Change[]

Another significant change is the effect of flamethrowers at soldier inside bunkers and buildings - the flamethrowers have about 80% chance to instantly kill all the soldiers. This way the upgrade can be useful but still you need to get close with the flamethrower to use it and the infantry that has these upgrades are mostly basic engineers or pioneers which are quite easy to suppress or kill - so bringing some MG team or fast-pinning unit to cover the approaches might be useful against them.

Mortar Changes:[]

Then you will notice quite a big change in mortars. They no longer cost ammo to build but their barrages now cost ammo to fire and the normal (automatic) fire has longer delays between each shot. You can still order to the mortar to "attack ground" so make them continually bombard required area but if you want to send somewhere 6 shots very quickly, you need to pay for the barrage.

.50 Cal Changes:[]

Further change with quite some impact is efficiency of .50cal MGs and overall the efficiency of hull, coaxial and top MGs. There have been complaints for ages about "50.cals being pea-shooters" and that "they don't perform realistically" etc. etc. etc. So now these MGs have capacity to penetrate and damage lightly armored vehicles. Their accuracy at longer ranges is slightly higher as well as their rate of fire, on the other hand most vehicles (Shermans, Greyhound, Staghound...) now require you to upgrade the MG first. This makes some diversity between Allies and Axis where Axis have the top MGs pre-installed and are more effective against infantry but Allies need to upgrade the MGs to get them but with the vehicles also gain some more firepower against vehicles.

Tank Hull Co-axial MG Changes:[]

Along with these changes there are also changes applied to hull and coaxial MGs. The changes are most noticeable when the targeted infantry has no cover and is quite close to the tank. In cover the infantry is relatively safe but it should be no longer possible to sprint with an AT weapon infront of a tank, fire a shot, reload, fire again and retreat while (barely) losing 1 soldier.

Wehrmacht/PE Halftrack Changes:[]

WM and PE has now changed the halftracks and armored cars armed with 75mm short cannon. These units have been changed and now after upgrade they can use HE mode (instead of "timed HE") and instead of Wolfram ammo (which was sort of useless due to very low basic penetration values) these vehicles can now fire HEAT/B shot which can reliably penetrate medium tanks.

Ranger Limited to Infantry Doctrine:[]

On the side of Allies you will surely notice that Rangers are no longer available to every doctrine and they became limited to infantry doctrine only. Since they are no longer present in every US doctrine, we could transform them into a real elite infantry.

Wehrmacht Goliath Accessibility Improvement:[]

Last, perhaps not big but surely interesting, change is that Goliaths are now easier accessible - WM can build them in Kriegsbarracks and PE in Logistic Kompanie buildings + they can still be dropped from munition halftracks (PE) and in Def doc from 28mm halftracks too. They deal better damage to most targets and have a sligthly bigger AoE so they can make a nasty surprise if you don't have proper recon in the area.


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