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  • Increased reload time of most 75mm L48 guns (PIV F2/H/J, StuG III/IV, Hetzer and JPIV) to 7 seconds
  • Tweaked stats of 57mm/6pounder guns vs PIVs (includes AT gun teams, T48s, 6pounder churchills; removed -6% accuracy; penetration increased by approximately +10%)
  • Tweaked stats of 50mm guns vs Shermans (includes PaK38, Puma; reduced penetration by approximately 10%)
  • fixed 1000 VP infantry only mode in CZ language (the desribtion said 1000 VP and did not mention that it is "Infantry only")
  • M10 (Wolverine and Achilles) no longer react to movement orders when they are in ambush mode (prevents accidentally leaving ambush position)
  • M10 (Wolverine and Achilles) no longer automatically activate Flank speed when they leave ambush (need manual activation)
  • Suppression values of LMGs on Jeeps and Schwimwagens/Motorbikes lowered to (approximately) the level of hull MGs on tanks
  • Fixed an issue which made several "timed HE" abilities too accurate when shooting at targets in smoke
  • Applied new "Reinforce squad icon" (replaces the vCoH reinforcement icon)
  • Unified bonuses on vehicles and AT guns when shooting from ambush mode; now they get on the first shot +50% accuracy, +25% penetration, +25% damage (from various values)
  • All medic teams should now have proper texts on their Reinforcement button
  • All Tank Destroyers should now auto-target enemy vehicles once in ambush mode by default (auto-targetting can be manualy turned off with a "hold fire" button)
  • Update Allied Warmachine ability describtion to clearly say what the ability does
  • Unified the nerfs of AT guns shooting at armored cars of any faction (they should now all have x0.8 accuracy vs moving armored cars)


  • Changed Veterancy bonuses of 57mm AT guns from vCoH to standard BK mod Vet bonuses for AT guns
  • Lowered range of T48 to 65 (from 75)
  • T48 in camo now receives +5 range (instead of -10)
  • Removed "Hit and Run" ability from Wolverine
  • Added "Fire smoke shell" ability to Wolverine (25 ammo)
  • Changed costs of Shermans (price in brackets applies to Armor doc after Mass production upgrade):
  • Sherman M4 410MP 40F (350MP 30F)
  • Sherman 76(W) 450MP 55F (380MP 45F)
  • Sherman E8 500MP 70F (400MP 52F)
  • Sherman Crocodile 440MP 60F (360MP 45F)
  • Sherman 76mm Jumbo 780MP
  • Removed "Hit and Run" ability from Wolverine
  • Added "Fire smoke shell" ability to Wolverine (25 ammo)
  • M8 Scott can now use offmap barrage with Tank Commander inside
  • Defensive Strafing patrol of AB forward HQ no longer dissapears after upgrading "Strafing AP bullets"
  • Tweaked suppression values of BAR's "Suppression" ability - it suppresses a bit slower now
  • BAR's "Suppression" ability is now only available to Riflemen in Infantry docrine
  • Medic squad (deployed from triage center) can no longer reinforce anywhere via paradrop
  • AB medic team can now retreat to AB HQ or to AB HQ Squad
  • AB Engineers (called from AB HQ) have now correctly set alternate retreat point as other AB units (instead of Ranger Captain)

British Commonwealth:[]

  • Removed "Hit and Run" ability from Achilles
  • Reworked "Button vehicle" ability
  • cost dropped to 10 (from 25)
  • range increased to 60 (from 30)
  • lower's target's view range by 50% (from 99%)
  • makes main gun 50% less accurate (from completely dissabling it)
  • disables Top MG
  • no longer slows down the targetted vehicle
  • Reworked "sector smoke" ability of RA doctrine into an "Offmap smoke barrage" which sends 15 smoke rounds into a selected area
  • Fixed an issue that still allowed HQ trucks to crush HMG and Mortar teams
  • Lowered turret rotation speed of Achilles to 13 (from 18.5)
  • Increased damage output of AVRE vs emplacements (now it should one-shot most emplacements)
  • Increased damage output of AVRE vs bunkers (now it should take at least half of bunker's HP on direct hit)
  • AVRE now has 5% chance of destroying a bunker completely on hit
  • Vehicles in the AoE of AVRE's shot now get a short "stun" effect which lowers the accuracy, reload speed, vision and movement speed for 7 seconds
  • AVRE shot ammo cost increased to 45 (from 30) and recharge time increased to 60 seconds (from 45)
  • RA Autocar barrage cost increased to 40 (from 25)
  • Lowered sight range of Stuart Recce to 40 (from 60)
  • Fixed a bug which removed cooldown on Recce's Binocular ability
  • Firefly has now basic reload time set for 6 seconds no matter how far the target is (used to reload faster when target was further away)


  • PIV J needs the "H" unlock + "Faster production; comes cheaper right away
  • Mass production makes "H" cheaper, does not affect cost of "J"
  • Tiger Ace should not longer deal damage to anything just by getting close to it
  • Lowered mobility and detection radius of Schwimwagen
  • Changed Volksgrenadiers MP40 upgrade from "4xMP40 for 50 ammo" to "2xMP40 for 25 ammo"; possible to upgrade 2x per squad

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Assault Grenadiers now receive "Vehicle suppression" ability when they purchase LMG upgrade*update
  • Vehicle suppression ability:
  • costs 10 ammo
  • range 60
  • lower's target's range by 50%
  • makes main gun 50% less accurate
  • disables Top MG
  • Removed "Hold facing" ability from Jagdpanther to make room for "Hold Fire" ability when in camo

Reasoning: by MarKr[]

It has been quite some time since the last update because I've been very busy and so I had less time to work on the mod but here we go . In this update there are several quite big changes that will hopefully help with the balance. We've been watching the discussions that have been going on here and we tried to adress problems mentioned here. Many other things are part of the planned doctrinal reworks so if they are not included in this update then they were considered too big and dependant on other changes and so they were postponed to the rework to be introduced along with the other changes which are needed to get some balanced outcome because introducing them separately might have negative effect on balance.

AT Guns:[]

If there is one change that will get attention of pretty much everyone, then it is the change to the effectiveness of 57mm AT guns / 6 pounders. These are the "middle tier" AT guns of Allies which performed extremely poorly even vs medium tanks which they are meant to counter, on the other hand the Axis counterpart - 50mm PaK38 performed very well against medium tanks and thanks to its "rocket" ability it was very useful even in late game. Even if we take a look at the very basic performance (without any abilities) of the 57mm and 50mm guns then penetration difference between them vs comparable targets was as much as 30% (not sure about the exact numbers because they differed based on specific units but let's say that 57mm had penetration chance of 30% vs PIV; then 50mm had about 60% vs Sherman). These guns cost the same, have the same purpose in the game (not really important but also had similar performance in reality) but here there are vast differences between the performance of each. Instead of taking the "buff 57mm to the level of 50mm" approach or the "nerf 50mm to the 57mm level" approach we decided to take the "middle" way - so basically we compared the penetration chances at maximum range vs similar targets and set the guns on the middle of the difference. Thus the guns should perform on more similar level.

We decided to go with this approach because we did not want to nerf the 50mm gun too much to make it as useless as the current 57mm gun and at the same time if we buffed 57mm all the way to the level of Axis 50mm, then Axis players would be more reluctant to take risk and try to attack because Allies would have one more thing to effectively counter Axis medium tanks. This is something that we can observe quite often - people like to use things that can survive in combat and have enough firepower to work on their own or at least with minimum support, this is the reason why Pershings became much more used after they became more resistant and deadly with the 90mm guns got a buff, and it is also why players suddenly became hesitant to roll out with one Tiger or Panther after the 90mm guns got buffed - suddenly there was a significant threat to these units and there was a chance to lose these quickly. We wanted to avoid a similar scenario on the "medium tanks level" so we chose a "smaller buff and smaller nerf" rather than "big nerf or big buff".

These changes also apply to these guns mounted on vehicles - so Puma, T48 and the first Churchill. This means that if the basic penetration is higher, the AP ammo is more potent too, so the 6 pounder Churchill should have a little bit better chance vs PIVs. Hopefully this will help a little with the "the first Churchill is useless" debate. Also the T48 is affected with this change and now has the option to get upgraded with AP ammo and use timed "AP ammo" ability. On the other hand, since the T48 has better gun now, the ranges have been standartized so that it has basic maximum range of 65 and if it is in camo it gets +5 range (just as any other AT halftrack).

Medium Tanks:[]

Another thing that has been changed in medium tank combat is the reload times. There have been calls for some changes in this field because Axis 75mm L48 guns had reload times of 5 seconds while US 76mm guns had reload times of 7 seconds and at the same time the Axis guns had way better penetration and damage. We, again, had several options of what to do - either make Allies reload faster or make Axis reload slower or again some middle ground. In this case we decided to go with the slower reload across the board so the reload times sit now at 7 seconds for 76mm guns as well as for 75mm guns. Along with this change there is also a slight change to the effectiveness of all 75mm L48 guns vs Sherman tanks - now they have about 5% lower chance to penetrate. It does not change all that much since 75mm L48 guns have still about 15% higher chance to penetrate Shermans than 76mm guns to penetrate PIVs but the difference used to 20% so we lowered that a little bit.

If we put together that PIVs will reload with same speed as Shermans, that Shermans will be a bit more resistant to 50mm guns and also the fact that they will gain slightly more resistance to 75mm L48 guns, it will make Shermans in general survive a bit easier. Because of this the basic costs of all affected Shermans (check the changelog) were increased and for Armor doctrine the Mass production unlock lowers the prices less than before.

Hit & Run Removal:[]

Next important change on the list is the removal of "hit and run" ability from Wolverine and Achilles. For the Wolverine we replaced the ability with a "Fire smoke shell" which allows yout to shoot a smoke shell over the range of 60. It can have various offensive and defensive uses but we'll see how and if people will use it. As for Achilles, there is no replacement. This is for several reasons - first of all Achilles was often described as "too versatile" which is probably true so one less ability will not hurt. Also there have been requests to make all tank destroyers automatically target vehicles in ambush mode and keep them the ability to manually turn on or off the auto-targetting and this could not be applied Achilles because Hit and Run ability was in the UI slot of the "Hold fire" ability. Now the change has been applied to all TDs in the game. So if you camouflage your TDs, they will target vehicles automatically, but if you want them to stay hidden, you can use the "hold fire" button and they will not target anything unless you give an order to attack a specific target.

Camoflage Changes:[]

One of the changes is a reaction to posts where people said that Hetzer in ambush mode wrecks Pershings and other cases when a mid-tier TD from camo steam-rolled top-tier units. The bonuses that AT guns and TDs got for the first shot from camo varied a lot - usually they had bonuses to accuracy, penetratio and damage, but the ammount varied a lot; some had +50% damage, +25% accuracy and +200% penetration, some had these numbers inversed, some had completely different values, some received bonuses only in one or two of these "sections" some had these bonuses applied not only for the first shot but also for any shot that took place in the following 10 was simply a mess that did not follow any logical pattern so now we have this unified. When you camouflage an AT gun or a TD, the first shot will get +50% accuracy, +25% penetration and +25% damage - since the crew is hidden, they have enough time to aim the shot properly (thus the +50% accuracy buff), they can aim for some weaker spots and if the shot goes through, it can cause more damage (thus the damage and penetration bonuses). We wanted to keep the ambush mode as a viable option that has some rewards when used sucessfully however we had to keep some aspects in mind. For example if we set the accuracy bonus to some crazy-high number (e.g. +200%) then the tank would never miss its target even if the target was covered in smoke or even if it were a soldier in cover. TDs have their accuracy at max range set to 75% so the +50% accuracy should be enough to hit any target unless it is in smoke (there is still chance to miss). Another aspect was the insane penetration buff which made usage of AP abilities pretty much obsolete because the TDs could simply penetrate and (often) destroy units that they would have hard time penetrating without camo. So TDs will no longer easily destroy units that are waaay above their tier. You can still combine the bonus with "AP" abilities that these units have because the camo bonus and the bonuses from AP abilities stack but this combination will give you usually about +75% penetration and you would need to spend some ammo on it to reach this value.

Giving Vehicle Suppression to PE:[]

We also bring the "Vehicle suppression" ability to PE. After you upgrade the Assault Grenadiers with LMG, you will get access to this new ability. It has range of 60, it is fairly cheap and the targeted vehicle receives -30% accuracy for main gun, loweres its view range by -50% and disables the Top MG. This ability can be used to give some space for your AT infantry - the Top MG cannot kill them during their aim time and thanks to the accuracy nerf for the main gun the team is less likely to get hit by "HE shot" ability, especially if the AT team is also in some cover. In the end we decided to make this feature PE-unique for Axis side. On allies side, CW to be specific, the "vehicle button" ability now has the same effect. The US and WM do not have access to this ability. Also this ability intentionally does not disable the MG gunners on Recces and Scout Cars, though they still get -30% accuracy so if you use it on them, it will not be completely wasted. We decided not to implement the "MG suppression" on these two units because we thought it would have too strong impact on PE and CW early game, though if this susspicion proves to be wrong, we can enable it in the future.

Overperforming Riflemen:[]

As a reaction to complaints about "over-performing Riflemen", there are some changes to them too. First of all, the accuracy of their Garands at longer ranges was dropped tiny bit (still DON'T try to rush them, they can easily shred infantry squads at close ranges - especially if these squads have no cover; fight them from distance). Another thing connected to this is the change that allows Volksgrenadiers to upgrade MP40 from the start and instead of one bundle of 4 weapons for 50 ammo, you can upgrade it twice but each bundle gives 2 weapons and costs 25 ammo. This should allow to Axis to have some protection from Riflemen when they try to rush to Volks and kill them with the fast-shooting Garands. Also the Suppressive fire ability (when you get BARs) is now only available to Riflemen in Infantry doctrine and the ability should take a little more time to suppress enemy.

Churchill AVRE:[]

There has also been raised an interesting point about Churchill AVRE. The only point of this unit is to take down defenses but at its current state it cannot reliably do that. With direct hit it deals enough damage to destroy MG nests though other emplacements can survive direct hit and because of steep damage fall off they survive "near hits" easily. When it comes to dealing with bunkers AVRE did not do very good job either. We have buffed the damage - if an emplacement is hit in the Aoe of the shot, it will be destroyed (they might barely survive if they are on the very edge of the AoE) and a hit from AVRE should now take down about half HP of a bunker (the standard bunker, not the SE special bunker. The important thing is that AVRE would destroy "non-AT" emplacements anyway because these cannot damage Churchills and AT emplacements on Axis side are the flak36 88mm and the PaK43 88mm which both have bigger range than AVRE. So AVRE can one-shot these emplacements but it takes risk because it will most likely be exposed to these guns too. Because of the increased damage there is also increase in cost-per-shot and cooldown time on the ability. An addition to AVRE is a new "stun" effect if a vehicle gets caught in the AoE - it applies nerfs to movement speed, accuracy and reload times but only for 7 seconds.

Jeep/Schwimmwagen MGs:[]

Last bigger change we have on the list are the changes to Jeep/Schwim/Bike guns. They no longer suppress enemy infantry. The main suppression-providing unit in early game should be HMG teams, these units should work as recon and early game extra firepower for your infantry. The fact that they have suppression at the moment allows them to drive close to opponent, suppress them (which applies nerfs to the infantry) and kill them off one by one - this is not something we want from an early-game vehicle that requires only MP and no further resources. If you try to do this now, your vehicle will most likely get destroyed. Also there was pretty much no reason to ever pick Motorbike over Schwimwagen as WM - Schwim has more HP, same gun, quite good detection radius and was only a bit slower than Bike. Now Schwimwagen is with its speed more similar to Jeep and compared to Bike its detection radius is significantly shorter. This means that Schwimwagen is now more of a firepower bonus for infantry in early game while Bike works more of a recon unit with faster movement and detection radius but lower HP.