Company of Heroes Wiki

Change Log:[]


  • Game launcher should now indicate if you don't have CoH executable in same folder as Blitzkrieg Mod
  • Dropped the cost of buildable medic teams to 150MP (from 200MP)
  • Dropped the reinforcement cost of buildable medic teams to 20MP (from 50MP)
  • Reverted changes in damage of Axis 28mm, 37mm and 50mm AT guns vs CW HQ trucks (damage increased in 4.9.9)


  • Tweaked accuracy of fragmentation rifle grenades (to be more accurate vs soldiers in buildings and less accurate vs soldiers in green/yellow cover; stats set to similar values as CW frag rifle grenades)
  • Further tweaked stats of Riflemen Garands
  • MK3 grenades of Combat Engineers no longer deal excessive damage to JPIV L48s, Hetzers and Marder IIIs

British Commonwealth:[]

  • Increased build time of 17 pounder emplacement to 45 seconds (from 30)
  • With "faster construction" unlock (RE doc) the build time for 17 pounder emplacements is 30 seconds (from 15)
  • Changed Staghound armor type to same as Greyhound (from stuart type)
  • Added recieved penetration modifier x0.9 to Staghound
  • Changed Comet armor type to same as Cromwell (and added rec.penetration x0.9 modifier)
  • Increased Comet maximum speed to 6 (from 5)
  • Lowered Comet's population cost to 14 (from 16)
  • Lowered Comet HP to 700 (from 800)
  • Lowered Comet price to 470MP 60F (from 650MP 100F)


  • Tiger Ace should no longer cause damage to anything by just getting close to it