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[Test] Change Log:[]


  • Improved faction flags in the game lobby (including reward menu flags)
  • Fixed missing part of texture on some Axis infantry units
  • for 37mm, 50mm and 57mm guns delay before first shot reduced to half
  • Revised performance of various AA units vs planes
  • Your medics now need to collect 18 wounded soldiers from the field in order for you to get a free squad
  • Medic teams buildable in Triage centers/Medic bunkers + AB dropable medic team now heal soldiers around automatically once they don't move (no longer needed to activate the ability manually)


  • Fixed Tank Commander offmap arty ability requiring wrong unlock in unlock tree
  • .50cal twin on M15A1 should perform better vs planes (no longer bounce off of planes)
  • Fixed suppression values for .50cal twin on M15A1 and also performance vs infantry in certain cover types revised
  • Removed unit limit on M15A1
  • Added "Hold position" ability to Ranger Captain
  • Jumbo tanks will no longer take continuous damage near Tiger Ace tanks
  • Tweaked efficiency of M18 HE shot
  • Tweaked M1 Garands for Rangers and Riflemen
  • Riflemen now with veterancy levels get cooldown reduction instead of accuracy bonus
  • Riflegrenades are now available to all doctrines
  • Riflegrenades now require WSC building instead of Motorpool
  • When you purchase Rifle grenade upgrade you cannot purchase BARs or Grease guns any longer and vice versa
  • Cost of Riflemen increased to 255MP
  • Cost of Rangers increased to 390MP

British Commonwealth:[]

  • Tweaked efficiency of HE shot on Achilles, Firefly, 17 pounder


  • Storms Demosquad no longer retreats in crawl mode
  • HLL3 has tweaked crits either deals only damage or destroys vehicle outright
  • Lowered efficiency of MG42 on sdkfz234/3 (Puma chasiss with stubby 75mm cannon + frontfacing MG42)
  • Corrected animation for the default gun crew on naked 20mm flak
  • VT ability in Def doc no longer mentions need for StuH42

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Henschels should no longer attack structures and AT guns on their flight path
  • Ambush ability on Jagdpanther no longer dissapears when it is not possible to activate it
  • Tweaked efficiency of MarderIII HE shot
  • Infantry can no longer upgrade neutral buildings to "Reinforcement points"
  • Upgrading "Defensive operations" will now allow FHQs to heal nearby soldiers
  • Corrected penetration chance of Beute Sherman 76(W) vs Super Pershing

Developer Comments: Wolf[]

"Hey guys, we have made another progress in our way to steam. As part of pre-steam release we are offering interested players access to our otherwise closed beta builds. Any player who writes here can request steam key for Company of Heroes: Blitzkrieg Mod. You have to own and have installed Company of Heroes on steam (it was recently renamed from new steam version to just Company of Heroes). I or another team member will then send you the key and instructions how to join beta-branch. You can activate that key like you would from any other game in steam. You can simply switch between 5.0.0 and 5.1.1 beta on steam."


Official Forum Announcement

"Tweaked HE shot of unit X" = lowered efficiency on all these units (smaller AoE, bigger damage drop)