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Change Log:[]


  • Nonworking campaigns removed from the main menu
  • Revised and corrected penetration values of various AT guns vs AB Armored Jeep
  • Axis 37mm and 50mm PaKs should now oneshot Dingo and Bren Carrier
  • Force retreat ability should now retreat infantry in Hold Position mode
  • Demolition charges now take longer to plant (1925 seconds from 58)
  • Demolition charges should now destroy any building next to which you plant the charge in one explosion (applies to US Engineers, AB engineers, WM Pios, Storm demo squad, CW Sappers(+RE sappers), Commandos, Sturm pios, Luft Pios)
  • Allied tank guns should no longer bounce off of naked 88mm flaks
  • All Axis tank hunters which used to have Ambush near bushes but "static position" in other place now have only Ambush but it has same activation conditions as tank destroyers of Allies (in other words, Axis can ambush in same way as allies can)
  • Removed yellow "lines" from static howitzers (those that indicated weapon't "cone of fire")
  • HMG42 should no longer penetrate Tetrarch tanks
  • Fixed a bug which made many of the "Single HE shot" abilities miss much less than intended (tanks and 17 pounder)
  • Fixed a bug which made many units in their "HE mode" miss way less than intended (vehicles (including Scott) and flak36 88mm)
  • Improved efficiency of infantrycarried flamethrowers and Wasp vs emplacement crews
  • Frag grenades should now be in general more efficient at decrewing emplacements
  • Fixed a bug which caused that "Rapid shot" ability on Comets and Panthers actually made shoot faster the target of the ability instead of the tank itself
  • Sandbags, barbed wires and road blocks should now be "neutral" after player finishes building them
  • Unified scatter of smoke shells from all mortars to "13" (values varied from faction to to faction from 10 to 25)
  • Significantly increased damage output dealt by Axis 28mm, 37mm and 50mm AT guns vs CW HQ trucks in mobile mode (when the truck is "deployed" the damage remains the same as it was before; change made to prevent crush abuse from CW players in early game)
  • Fixed unintended stacking of certain buffs
  • Roadblocks (SE and RE) have increased HP compared to normal Tank traps but now cost 50MP each
  • Fixed wrong aim times for certain units (M16, M15A1, Moebelwagen, Ostwind)
  • PaKs should no longer be able to abuse for rapid shooting


  • Infiltration rangers cancel their Crawl ability when they receive Retreat order
  • Infiltration rangers can no longer activate "Fire up" ability when they are in Crawl mode
  • Improved texture of destroyed Ambulance (thanks to Panzerblitz1)
  • Fixed a bug which made soldiers inside "Fortified Observation Post" (Infantry doc) take no damage from bulletshooting weapons
  • Calliope jeep moved from Airborne doctrine to Infantry doctrine
  • Unified speeds of Shermans M4, Crocodile, 76(W)and 105 to "4.1" (varied from version to version from 3.8 to 5.2)
  • Unified acceleration speeds of M4, Crocodile, 76(W)and 105 to 1.9 (from 1.6)
  • Lowered Calliope speed to 3.5
  • Increased Sherman E8 acceleration speed to "2.2" (from 1.9)
  • Armor doctrine can now use Offmap barrage from Chaffee, Stuart and Scott if they have Tank Commander inside
  • Global repair ability (Armor doctrine) now lasts for 30 seconds (instead of 20) but after the usage the cooldown will take 60 seconds (from 25)
  • Dropped cost of Allied war machine to 200 ammo (from 250)
  • Allied war machine now only replaces Chaffee, Stuart, Scott, M10, M18, M4, M4E2 76(W), E8, Calliope
  • Allied war machine now replaces all affected vehicles lost as long as the ability lasts (so not just 3 vehicles per use)
  • Reorganized tech tree of Armor doctrine according to the picture below
  • In armor doctrine "Heavy mines" unlock is replaced with "Ammo reserves" (automatically equips all M4s, 76(W) and E8s with both AP and HE upgrades)
  • Heavy mines in armor doctrine now require M1A1 mines upgrade in order to be used
  • AB Engineers are now able to place democharges anywhere
  • M1 Grands of Riflemen and Rangers should fire a bit faster now at longer ranges
  • Sticky bombs now have better chance of detracking or damaging engines on targets that don't have skirts installed
  • Sticky boms should no longer cause "destroy secondary weapon" critical
  • Straffing run with AP ammo upgrade should deal damage to lightly armored targets (Hummel, MarderIII was intended several patches ago but the changes got lost)

British Commonwealth:

  • Commandos glider now on landing spawns Marine Commandos instead of Sten Commandos
  • Slightly buffed Stens used by Marine Commandos and Sten Commandos
  • BOYS Commandos squad is now available without any Glider upgrade
  • Fixed an issue which created a massive FPS drop when a player had selected a fake howitzer
  • Capture speed of BOYS team lowered to 0.8 (from 1)
  • Added smoke shells to Commandos Mortar team
  • Changed armor type of Comet; frontal penetration chances should be about the same as before, rear hits should now penetrate from most weapons
  • 95mm Cromwell removed from RAF doctrine
  • Destroying Churchill Crocodile should now provide more XP
  • BOYS Commandos can now use passive camo without stealth unlock
  • Lowered the damage of BOYS rifle to 55 (from 60)
  • Accuracy of BOYS rifles vs moving Halftracks and sdkfz 234 lowered by 25%
  • Increased penetration chance of BOYS rifle vs PIV D
  • Corrected penetration of 17 pounders vs Hetzer (was too low)
  • Fixed bug where Comet had very low MP upkeep (about "7"; upped to "20")
  • Fixed bug where PIAT Commandos required 8 pop instead of 4
  • Commandos squads can no longer activate ambush ability in a middle of a fight


  • Stormtrooper training unlock now correctly applies to Stormtrooper squad that can come with the Offmap battlegroup
  • Fixed a bug which made random units that come with the Offmap battlegroup (StuG III, StuG IV (late version), PIV H/J) unable to capture points
  • Removed deflection damage from JPIV 75mm/L48
  • Flak38 (20mm) naked/emplaced should no longer penetrate Cromwells
  • Applied a workaround for the more expensive Kingtiger to no longer display floppy barrel (hopefully it will finally work)
  • Reduced build time of Panzer IV J to 40 seconds
  • Mass production now also lowers the price of Panzer IV J to 380MP 30F
  • Panzer IV "D" of BK doctrine moved to Kriegsbarracks
  • Lowered build time of Grenadiers to 40 seconds (from 45)
  • Demolition Stormtrooper squad no longer retreats in crawl mode
  • Lowered the cost of LMG42 upgrade to 85 ammo (from 100)
  • Defensive training and Zeal unlocks provide weaker (approximately half) bonuses to Volksgrenadiers than to combat infantry (Grenadiers, MG/Mortar teams etc.)
  • Lowered speed of Panthers A and G to 4.4 (from 4.6)
  • Lowered acceleration of Panthers A and G to 2 (from 2.5)
  • Panzer IV J now has correct armor type upon construction
  • Fixed a bug where Tank traps under construction took no damage from small arms fire
  • 75mm L48 emplacement replaced by 88mm PaK43 emplacement

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Luft Straffing run can now only damage lightly armored vehicles
  • PIII in HE mode should no longer overperform vs certain armored targets
  • Removed deflection damage from JPIV 75mm/L48
  • Stuka patrol should now target exclusively emplacements and trenches occupied by infantry (so no longer attacks road blocks/sandbags/OPs/barbed wires etc.)
  • Stuka bombs should now always destroy an emplacement with direct hit
  • Nebelwerfer 150mm removed from Lufwaffe doctrine
  • Destroying Jagdtiger now gives appropriate XP (used to give +1XP)
  • Increased speed of Panther D to 5 (from 4.6)
  • Lowered acceleration of Panther D to 1.3 (from 2.5)
  • Lowered speed of Jagdpanther to 4.4 (from 4.6)
  • Lowered acceleration of Jagdpanther to 2 (from 3)
  • Adjusted performance of Stuka bomb vs trenches and infatry in them
  • Increased efficiency of Kar98 of Assault Grenadiers (used to be at Volks level, now is at WM Grens level)
  • Corrected MP upkeep of Hetzer (Normal and Flammen was only 1MP)
  • Luft pioneers should only be droppable in own territory now (no longer droppable in enemy/neutral territory on own units)

Developer Comments: MarKr[]


after a long time we bring to you new patch. The work took longer than we expected because of integration of Blitzkrieg to Steam. It will take some more time, hopefuly not too long but this is most likely last nonsteam version (unless some serious problems are encountered and then there would be nonsteam hotfix).

What is new in this patch...those of you who followed the preview topic know what is coming. In the menu we got rid of campaigns that don't work in BK so effectively there is only the Normandy campaign left. You might run into some problems there too (e.g. missing textures on some soldiers in certain moments) but it is possible to finish the campaign without bigger technical issues.

Abuse Prevention:[]

There are changes made to prevent some abuseable things, also some weapons have revised penetration values vs certain targets. There are changes to defense structures such as barbed wires, tank traps, road blocks and sandbags after you finish building them, they turn "neutral" (no longer belong to you; same as trenches) this should prevent the situations where AI kept throwing grenades at these things in order to "destroy enemy buildings" and also Stuka raid will no longer target them now they should only go after intended targets.

Demo Charge Changes:[]

Demo charges now got a big change in their functionality and purpose they take a long time to plant, but one demo charge can destroy any building, so if you empty enemy bunker you don't need to spend tons of ammo on several demo charge plants or several satchel charge throws or making tanks shoot at it for and hour just to destroy that thing one charge, done. However it is not meant to be placed under fire. The soldiers will most likely die if you will try to plant the charges while being shot at so keep that in mind.

HE Bug Fix:[]

This patch also fixes a bug which made many of the "HE" ability shots hit target in 99% of cases, in other words these shots missed way less than they were meant to. Also the grenades should be now more effective at decrewing emplacements. Combination of these two should make it easier to push through the "impenetrable" defensive walls a bit easier (though running with infantry directly against them without any cover is still not a good idea).

New Royal Marines for RAF:[]

We also bring new units RAF can now get Royal Marines who are capable of stealth movement and come with close range weapons. They should provide some alternative usage to Commandos Glider other than "drop it on their MG/Mortar and crush them in suicide run".

New Ambush Feature: Axis[]

A feature which will (hopefully) Axis players appreciate is change in the ambush system for Axis Tank Hunters who can now ambush the same way as Tank Destroyers of Allies can do it though at the cost of removed "static position" ability.

US Armor doctrine also now has some changes in unlocks, which will hopefully provide some more options in early game.

There is no point in commenting on every change, so go through the changelog and see for yourself  .

JimQwilleran, Danikas and Mencius Moldburg provided us with a list of discovered glitches/abuseable things and fixes for them so thanks go to them too.


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