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Change Log:[]


  • Tweaked reload times on US 76mm AT gun (from 7 to 6-7 seconds) and 88mm PaK43 (from 6-10 to 7-9)
  • Corrected Tiger I's and Flak36 gun rear penetration against Churchill Crocodile (now it is approximately 60% at max range; cca 80% with Wolfram; higher when get closer than "max" range)
  • Corrected rear penetration chance of all 90mm guns vs Jagdtiger (now approximately 35% chance at max range; cca 60% with AP ammo; higher when get closer than "max" range)
  • Corrected rear penetration chance of all 17pounder guns vs Jagdtiger (now approximately 25% chance at max range; cca 33% with AP ammo; higher when get closer than "max" range)
  • Improving some icons to be visible for laptops with lower screen resolution
  • Fixed missing shoe soles on some Axis infantry


  • Fixed "invisible jacket" on Infiltration rangers
  • Fixed an issue with CQB textures
  • 37mm and 57mm guns should now always one-shot Dingo and Bren carriers
  • Ranger Training unlock for Infantry doctrine now applies to all units it should
  • New model for AB HQ* (model by Relic; retextured by Panzerblitz1)
  • Infiltration rangers got "Bazooka ambush" replaced by "Crawl" ability and received Smoke grenade ability
  • Ranger .30cal team no longer has Grenade and Stickies (bug), instead they now have correctly "Suppressive fire" and "ambush"
  • Added a new ability to Pershing Ace - boosts effectivity of Hull and Coaxial MGs but nerfs reload speed of main gun by 30% (lasts 20 seconds, costs 40 ammo, 2 minutes cooldown)
  • M2A1 removed from US faction

British Commonwealth:[]

  • RA Victor Target should now work correctly with real and dummy howitzers
  • fixed describtion of Dummy Howitzers in some languages which gave away it is a fake one
  • removed "Detonate" ability from dummy howitzers (if you want to remove the emplacement from map use "Delete" key)
  • when howitzers fire "Air-burst" barrages they now correctly elevate barrel
  • Bren carriers now properly show loaded infantry
  • Bren carriers can no longer upgrade BOYS AT rifle
  • Vickers HMG upgrade for Bren Carrier now moves Bren gun to the pintle position
  • Increased cost of Vickers HMG upgrade for Bren Carrier to 40 ammo (from 35)
  • Vickers HMG team price dropped to 280MP 20ammo (from 300MP 25ammo)
  • Added green flare to indicate landing area of all Gliders
  • Gliders will arrive 5 seconds after the flare falls


  • reorganized abilities in Pioneer's UI
  • Fixed penetration values of PaK38 vs Axis Big cats (Tigers, Panthers, JPs, KTs, JTs)
  • Again fixed the invisible MG on reward KT shooting at infantry around (old files got mixed back to the last patch  )
  • HMG42 team price dropped to 320MP 25ammo (from 350MP 30 ammo)

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Increased Stuka bomb damage against bridges
  • TH Tank-busters no longer lose "Fire Panzerfaust 60" ability after unlocking "Experienced crews" in command tree
  • lowered damage of the 20mm AT cannon of BF109 against heavier allied tanks
  • Luft emplaced 88mm flak36 now correctly fires 6 shots during VT
  • HMG42 team price dropped to 320MP 25ammo (from 350MP 30 ammo)
  • Increased costs of 210mm Nebelwerfer barrages from 80 ammo to 100 ammo

Comments from a Developer: MarKr[]

"Hello, we bring you a new patch - 4.9.8! This patch brings changes on several penetration values of certain guns vs certain "big cats" so Tiger I should not have such a hard time penetrating Churchills from rear and 90mm guns and 17 pounders should now have way bigger chance to penetrate e.g. Jagdtiger from rear too. We removed the reward unit of M2A1 from US because it had a visual bug where loaded infantry was not visible when loaded on the Halftrack and could not fire. Also Infantry doctrine got a new function for Infiltration rangers teams and now they should be finally able to work as an infiltration unit. Airborne doctrine gets new model for their AB HQ - it is just a visual change, everything about it remains the same.

Also Pershing Ace got a brand new ability which can help it repel pesky infantry around it. One of the biggest changes (which was already announced on our Facebook page) is that all CW gliders will now drop a green smoke to the landing area before they come in - this should help to prevent people from using it to kill Axis MG and Mortar team which was never its intended purpose. Also Bren carrier has now visible loaded infantry who can fire from inside again as in vCoH - also as in vCoH when you buy the Vickers upgrade the Bren is moved to the pintle in the back which icreases its combat effectiveness and so we increased the price of the upgraded a little bit. We also dropped the price of Axis HMG42 teams because many factors of infantry combat changed over years and the price of this unit remained the same and in general was not really wort its price."


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