Company of Heroes Wiki

Change Log:[]


  • Implemented a system that enables easier reversing for vehicles (thanks to Endro for the tweaks)


  • lowered accuracy of 90mm guns against Tigers
  • fixed bug where US recon plane fired bullets
  • removed reward option of M16/M15A1
  • M16 removed from Armor doctrine and replaced by M15A1
  • Increased fuel cost of Pershing by +10
  • Fuel upkeep of Pershings increased to approximately 7.5
  • Fuel upkeep of Jacksons increased to approximately 4.2

British Commonwealth:[]

  • BOYS should no longer have trouble killing Schwimmwagens and other light vehicle with 1HP left
  • PIAT aim time halved
  • increased damage of PIAT against light vehicles


  • made tweaks to Sturmtiger's rocket so it SHOULDN'T happen that often that it does no damage
  • Sturmtiger's callin icon should display properly on 1366x768 monitors now
  • sector propaganda should work properly now

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Fixed bug which made Henschles miss most of the time


Official Forum Announcement

MarKr - "Hi, at first we wanted to make this version just a hotfix for some critical problems that occurred in 4.9.6 but in the end we implemented a few more things, so that is why it took longer than we initially announced. Tanks with 90mm guns have now higher fuel upkeep which should make it a little bit harder for Armor player to maintain a constant force of several Pershings in the field. Endro also provided a fixed version of his reverse system. If you notice any problem with it, let us know."