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Change Log:[]


  • As preparations for Steam greenlight the mod has been cleaned of swastika and nazi symbols (HUGE thanks to Panzerblitz1 for all his work on this)
  • Corrections in building/upgrade/unit/ability descriptions, mainly for USA but other factions too
  • Changed targeting system of "Single HE Shot" abilities on (hopefully) all vehicles that use it so now it should FINALLY work properly*
    • The ability targets the soldier you click on so for most effect aim at center of a clustered group or the soldier that looks most scarry  and Tiger(forum user) can sleep calmly, Tigers (the tanks) work properly too XD
  • Added "Hold Ground" ability to Engineer/Sapper/Pioneer squads and other infantry squads that might need it
  • The "Unload" button hotkey changed to "U" (from "D") to prevent unloading Tank Commanders when using "D" hotkey for activation of the Direct Fire ability
  • When Nebelwerfers use the "Steep Angle" barrage ability the rocket tracers should visually look OK now (no sharp angles)
  • Removed "Attack Ground" ability from emplaced AT guns because it could be used for bug abuse
  • Applied a system that should kill any unit that uses the teleport bug
  • Applied changes to AA guns to balance their performance against planes
  • Used new AI (better cover usage, units usage etc. - huge thanks to the author Sonsalt)
  • Infantry hand-held AT weapons now aim for 2 seconds before shooting in order to preven the "rapid fire" bug
  • AT squads in ambush should correctly use auto-fire
  • Fixed TTs of Stuart guns so it should work better now
  • Tweaked HE mode of US and CW Stuart tanks so that they don't need to direct hit soldiers in order to kill them
  • Fixed "pink wheels" bug on skdfz 256/9 (huge thanks to Halftrack for the fix)
  • Fixed Luft pios shooting sound bug (thanks to Panzerblitz for the fix)
  • Revised Allies guns penetration chances against Jagdtiger (some were too high)
    • This beast is now extremely tough frontaly, your chance is rear or top (planes)
  • Tank Commanders have new buffs for tanks (as described in the topic on the forum); price decreased to 220MP
    • New buffs described here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1408d
  • ** This beast is now extremely tough frontaly, your chance is rear or top (planes)
  • Buildings and units that allow to buy ammo/weapon upgrades will not provide upgrades to allies (only to own units)
  • Infantry carried flamethrowers (+ Wasp) now apply accuracy and reload nerfs to infantry standing in fire (also applies to infantry which is not attacked directly but walks into the burning area)
  • Penetration chances of stubby 75mm guns against Shermans lowered to more realistical level
  • Prices of all Panzer IV F2, E and PIII N dropped to 430MP 50F
  • New skin for PIV J (thanks JustForFun1)
  • Units that heal infantry around (Triage centers/Medics etc.) no longer "heal" buildings, vehicles and AT guns


  • Slightly tuned the AoE of bombing run and Air Patrol + price increased by 15 munitions
  • Armor Doc's "Experienced Shermans" now correctly applies to Calliope too
  • 90mm guns have better penetration chance against Tigers and Panthers (at max range about 78% vs Tigers and 60% against Panthers)
  • 90mm guns have unified damage of 130-160(some had 135-165)
  • M36 armor changed to the same of M4 Sherman
  • M36 HP lowered by 100
  • M36 price dropped to 650MP 90F
  • M36B1 speed decreased to 4.3 (from 4.8)
  • Both variants of M36 have "HE Shot" ability removed
  • Both M36 variants are exluded from the effect of Sandbags upgrade
  • CQB squad can no longer spawn at empty emplacements
  • CQB now have 5 seconds delay before spawning
  • M20 Recon Car and Command Car now get at Vet level 2 accuracy bonus (used to have penetration bonus which makes little sense for .50cal)
  • Armored Jeep (AB doc) should no longer be able to bounce off PaK38 shots
  • Mortar Halftrack now requires Motorpool upgrade
  • M18 Hellcat is now limited for AB doctrine to 1 at a time
  • White phosphorus grenade cost increased by 5 ammo, cooldown increased by 10 seconds
  • Airborne doctrine sniper has now correct retreat point as other AB infantry
  • Rearanged units in Ranger truck
  • Lowered scatter of upgraded bazooka (means it should no longer "miss by 50 meters")
  • Rangers now correctly receive dual sticky bombs at vet level 4

British Commonwealth:[]

  • Gammon Bombs should now be more effective against garrisoned troops (buildings and trenches)
  • Croc Churchill now comes with all upgrades installed
  • Fixed bug with RE "Improved trucks" unlock when the upgrade should increase the production speed of units in Trucks but instead did nothing
  • RE "Cheaper Emplacements" unlock provided a slight speed buff to all Command trucks - the buff was moved to "Improved Command Trucks" unlock where it makes more sense
  • BOYS should no longer have trouble finishing off Halftracks with "1mm HP left"
  • 17 pounder emplacement can no longer be build before selecting a doctrine
  • Sherman Tulip Rockets have tweaked stats so they should deal correct damage more reliably to targets within AoE
  • Marksman ability now requires to be aimed at an enemy unit rather than anywhere
  • Stuart Recce fuel price increased by +5
  • BOYS AT do not require Lieutenant in the field in order to be built
  • Mortar Pit now requires Second Truck in the field
  • Mine flail on Kangaroo should work properly now
  • Vickers upgrade cost dropped to 35 ammo and weapon stats revised
  • Dummy howitzers (RA doc unlock) will now get revealed along with any emplaced 25pounder shooting normal/supercharged/airburst/VT barrage
  • RA "Sector smoke" will now quickly fire smoke shells at vehicles and infantry squads in targeted sector


  • BK Panther Top MG no longer fires in a different direction than the weapon is facing (however the Top MG is intentionally only facing forward - does not rotate)
  • The cheaper version of King Tiger no longer shoots from invisible turret mounted MG
  • Barracks should no longer have "white stripe" on it (thanks to VanAdrian and Pblitz for the fix)
  • Added a cooldown of 90 seconds to the "For the Fatherland" ability
  • All Stormtrooper squads capable of spawning in buildings can no longer spawn at empty emplacements
  • Emplaced 75mm PaK40 has same penetration chances against allied tanks as other PaK40 guns in the game
  • PaK43 crew should not survive if the gun gets destroyed
  • Revised PaK43 stats against Allied tanks
  • V1 replaced competely by Sturmtiger
  • Sturmtiger range set to 200
  • Mortar Halftrack now requires Phase 3 upgrade
  • Increased cone of fire of PaK36 to match US 37mm gun
  • Demolition Stormtroopers no longer need an unlock to use camouflage (camo is unavailable when they equip flamethrowers)
  • 37mm AT halftrack and Def doc 28mm AT halftrack have increased range to 65
  • Incendiary grenade cost increased by 5 ammo and cooldown increased by 10 seconds
  • Tank Commander is now available to all doctrines in Tank Factory
  • Texture fix for StuG III's ammo crates (thanks to JustForFun1)
  • New texture for StuG III (thaks to Halftrack)
  • Applied workaround for the "Kingtiger floppy gun" bug
    • It is a workaround, not fix - when it gets "main gun destroyed", the weapon cannot fire but doesn't look damaged and thus after fixing doesn't remain broken. Unfortunately the visual bug is part of the model and we cannot fix it, we don't want to remove the vehicle either so we used this solution.

Panzer Elite:[]

  • emplaced 88 should no longer have the "Disembark" button
  • The defensive bonus of Reg5 now only applies when they are not moving, the bonuses have been tuned down a litle bit too
  • Straffing run is now performed by ME109 (MGs + 20mm autocannon)
  • Fixed a bug which made one of the ME109 MGs not fire during straffing run (so it should perform correctly now)
  • Added "Stuka Patrol" ability which works as Henschels - sends planes from random direction; planes target buildings/emplacements only; unlocked together with Straffing run
  • Added a reward option for Stuka Patrol - single Stuka strike (if selected in reward menu, available with Henschel unlock)
  • Tweaked Henschels to be more effective (better accuracy, bit more damage, better penetration)
  • Both Stuka raid and Henschel patrol cost dropped to 200 ammo
  • The Veteran Crews unlock of Tank Hunter doctrine now corectly affects PIV F1
  • Sabateur Squad can no longer spawn at empty emplacements
  • Henschels should not be shot down that easily anymore
  • Panzer IV E removed from SE doctrine and replaced by Panzer III N
  • PIII has Smoke Cover ability instead of Rapid fire (caused visual bug on PIII)
  • Corrected too low penetration stats of Jagdtiger against some Allied tanks
  • Removed flame bomb from SE Sturm Pioneers
  • Flame bomb moved to SE Sabotage squad (requires Flame weapons unlock)
  • Mortar Halftrack now requires Kampfgruppekompanie
  • Hauptsturmführer now has the ability to retreat to a Retreat point
  • 37mm AT halftrack and 28mm AT Armored car have increased range to 65
  • Panzergrenadier cost dropped to 325MP
  • Sturmpioneer cost dropped to 360MP
  • Assaultgrenadier cost dropped to 380MP
  • Incendiary grenade cost increased by 5 ammo and cooldown increased by 10 seconds
  • Smoke ability of Mortar Halftrack works correctly now
  • PIV F2 and JPIV L48 can be unlocked separately
  • Added a defensive smoke ability to PIV F2

Comments from a Developer: MarKr[]

"Hello everyone!

After a long time we bring to you a new patch - 4.9.6.

The patch should balance several things in the current meta - Mortar halftracks are delayed (for CW mortar pit), CW can build BOYS team without having Lieutenant first, some price drops for Axis units should make the early game a little bit more forgiving should you lose a squad, and a big change is the new aim time for hand-held AT weapons (this was made mainly to prevent rapid-shooting bug but people who played beta actually liked the system as it makes the (by many hated) "run to tank, fire and retreat" tactics harder). Tank commanders provide different buffs now and also are a bit cheaper. Royal Artillery doctrine has Dummy guns and Sector smoke reworked so they will hopefuly be more useful now. PIV F2 still has the same stats but now it is cheaper, can deploy smoke cover (either to retreat safely or for advancing infantry) and with working HE shots (yes, the finally work!) it can also deal with infantry now more effectively - it is still not a good idea to send it alone but it can be more useful as a support for infantry. Luft doctrine got some attention to their airstrikes which should be more effective now and Reg5 got a nerf to the Defensive bonus they got last time. We also fixed several bugs, added abilities to some units, after a long time we added new units - Panzer III aufs. N and Sturmtiger and some textures were updated too. Check the change log for yourselves. We hope you will enjoy this one."


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