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[Test] Change Log:[]


  • Abilities Hold Ground, Binocular and BOYS static mode work as they did before 4.9.0
  • Handheld AT should not bounce from emplacements (or atleast not that often)
  • Tanks that have both Hulldown and Static Firing position do not kick out Tank commander when one of them is activated


  • M15A1 37mm autocannon has removed "attack ground" ability so it can no longer fire through buildings and high obstacles
  • BOYS AT rifles (Tommies, Commandos and Bren) has tweaked statistics - it should be more accurate but the further it fires the longer is the delay between shots
  • Effects of BOYS static mode tweaked so its effect can be notable
  • (please check especially the changes around BOYS in-game and report if it is too OP - in such case will be further tuned; it's hard to balance this one :/)
  • Stuart Recce's .50cal is now manned by regular Tommy soldier instead of Lieutenant (only visual change, performance unchanged)
  • Churchill MK IV now requires CP unlock (shares the 1CP unlock with MK VI; still does not require Commmand tank in the field)
  • AT Rifle grenade should have bigger damage against schwimmwagen


  • Revised Axis gun penetration stats against Churchills
  • PE scout car should no longer penetrate US Halftracks
  • Tiger and KT "Accurate Long Shot" ability should no longer allow a certain bug


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