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Change Log:[]


  • Will no longer delete everything in your Blitzkrieg folder after new patch installation
  • Will now show warnings when not being run from CoH root directory instead of immediate exit
  • Will no longer create unnecessary directories in Blitzkrieg folder
  • Will now determine installed version from Blitzkrieg module file
  • Added cleanup Blitzkrieg folder button


  • Tank commanders should not die with tanks anymore
  • 37mm guns can now fire with 1 man crew left, with decreased accuracy and increased reload time
  • Additional weapons into the "new drop" pool
  • Arty weapons should destroy tracks/engine a bit less often


  • Increased airborne m1 carbine damage output
  • Rebalanced Jeep
  • Increased Johnson slot_size to 2, unit will no longer be able to have 6 Johnsons
  • Increased strafe and AP strafe ability cost from 115 to 125 munnition
  • 101st, 82nd and HQ squad have now "Sub-menu" and can still use basic grenades even after "Flame grenades" unlock
  • 101st cost reduced from 450MP to 415MP
  • 101st added "Suppression Fire" ability if equiped with at least 2 BARs
  • 82nd added a "Throw Smoke Grenade" ability (cost: 20 munitions)
  • 82nd increased item slots from 2 to 4
  • HQ squad has increased command aura range (from 40 to 60)
  • HQ squad has now the ability to retreat to AHQ
  • Para Engineers can now buy a Minesweeper upgrade
  • Removed "hold space" from AHQ - can no longer garrison squads
  • Fixed Calliope model didn't show sandbags after upgrade
  • Fixed 60mm mortar offmap damage

British Commonwealth:[]

  • Infantry section now can buy upgrades properly
  • Fixed dingo not showing weapon and non working sound
  • Added VT ability to CW arty doctrine dingo
  • Arty recon infantry, dingo and recce now have shared VT timer
  • Decreased vehicle VT ability range
  • Increased infantry VT ability range
  • Mortar emplacement did not show its health properly after recrew


  • Added fuel upkeep to Marder I and III (same as PE)
  • Fixed fragmentation sleeve grenade could have been thrown without cover

Panzer Elite:[]

  • Fallschirmjaegers will get veterancy levels a bit faster
  • Gebirgsjaegers will get veterancy levels a bit faster
  • Rebalanced schwimmwagen
  • FW190 "ghost" recon fly fixed
  • FW190 crash model bug fixed
  • Decreased Panther D fuel cost from 120 to 110


Official Forum Announcement

Wolf - "This patch fixes broken early game balance and further tunes AA, that was the main focus, with additional AB changes."