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The current BK Mod Patch is 5.2.0 and it was released on 14 September 2020. It's a fairly large patch and was the culmination of over a year's worth of beta testing before it came out. It fundamentally changed the game by balancing doctrines around their ability to fight 1v1s by lightly modifiying some doctrines, restructuring others, and introducing completely new ones.

Change Log:[]

General Changes[]


  • Vehicles and tanks that did not have gyro-stabilizers have now accuracy on the move lowered by 60% (from (usually) 50%)
  • Added fuel upkeep to Sturmtiger (4.56)
  • Greyhound, Staghound, 50mm Puma, Daimler Scout Car and most Axis Armored Cars and Halftracks with 20mm cannon turret have their turret rotation speed lowered to "18" (from various values)
  • Increased basic damage of Stuart HE rounds to 50 (from 40)
  • Changed accuracy against infantry for Stuart HE rounds - now basic accuracy is unchanged and gets lowered by 25% when the infantry is moving (from "-25% no matter if they are moving or not)
  • Standardized number of possible camo shots for vehicles to 1 (from 2 or 3 based on vehicle)
  • Tweaked the veterancy bonuses of light .50cal vehicles (Jeeps, Greyhound, M20, Recce etc.) - vet2: 25% faster reloads, vet3: +12.5% accuracy (from +25% accuracy and +25% damage respectively)
  • Increased penetration on Tiger gun against Shermans so that it won't bounce even with sandbag upgrade
  • Set the cost of stubby PIV variants to 390MP 40F (from various costs); F1 in TH doctrine costs now 400MP 45F to make up for the top MG
  • Axis PIII and stubby PIV tanks with HE ammo active will deal the same amount of damage to enemy structures as 75mm Sherman with HE
  • Re-camouflage times of Allied TDs set to same values as Axis ones (from faster re-camo)
  • Tiger, Panther and Pershing Aces now start at Vet2
  • Tweaked the US and CW rocket planes effectiveness (a little bit bigger AoE, effectiveness in AoE, overall less damage to infantry to underline its AT role)
  • All vehicles and AT guns now reveal themselves from camo after the first shot
  • Tweaked the MGs on top of tanks to have lower chance to "one-shot" full-HP planes
  • 88mm guns on Jagdpanther, King Tiger, Elefant and Nashorn will now have guaranteed penetration against Sherman E8 with sandbags upgrade
  • Revised the efficiency of of AA unit vs planes (2 units in static AA mode should provide a good AA coverage; units without the AA mode active lose about 50% of their AA efficiency)
  • Axis vehicles with kwk38 20mm cannon (mostly armored cars) no longer shoot at planes (only exception is 20mm "Puma" which still can do so and keeps its AA mode)
  • All Recon planes are now significantly harder to shoot down (to prevent Kamikaze flights into enemy bases)
  • Ammunition transporters can now lay "multipurpose" mines for 15 ammo
  • Ammunition transporters lower the cost of mortar barrages (even the special ammo types) to 0 (from various costs based on type of mortar)
  • Jacksons and Command Panzer IV will now show an icon on tacmap (from a pink square)
  • US and WM halftracks no longer get MGs when they transport troops but they have upgrade options to get permanent gunners
  • Increased gun rotation in AA mode (usually double of what they have without AA)
  • Lowered aim times of weapons in AA mode to 0 (from various values)
  • Changed all recon planes so that AA weapons don't shoot at them
  • Static AA guns (naked and emplaced) now have a visual indication of active AA mode (it was hard to say if the unit had AA mode active only by the elevated barel)
  • Passangers in transporters can now be hit by incoming fire (applies to US, WM and PE transport halftracks and CW Bren Carrier, CTA armored car, Kangaroo)
  • When a transporter gets destroyed each soldier inside has 75% chance to die (from 40-90% based on trasnporter type)
  • Fixed a bug where 90mm guns would occasionally bounce off of Hetzers

Weapon Teams:[]

  • Unified stats modifiers when a HMG shoots at a suppressed infantry
  • Changed suppression values for .30cal and Vickers HMGs (teams and MG nests) to so that they generate same suppression amount per burst as MG42
  • Lowered extra suppression that received that nearby squads received (was +25% now they get the same as the targeted squad)
  • Removed ammunition cost from HMG teams
  • Changed activation cost of Suppressive Fire ability of HMG teams to 15 ammo (from 40)
  • Smoke barrage from all Mortar Teams now has tighter spread (same as WM mortar had it till now)
  • Creeping Barrage from Mortar Teams now costs 25 ammo (from 0)
  • 57mm AT guns, 6 pounders and 50mm AT guns now have 10% accuracy nerf against moving light vehicles (from 20%)
  • 76mm AT guns, 17 pounders and 75mm AT guns now have 20% accuracy nerf against moving light vehicles (from 40%)
  • Added "AA mode" to Quad .50cal, Bofors, 20mm flak38 and 20mm flakvierlings (both naked and emplaced versions)
  • Lowered the efficiency of the AA emplacement you start with (about half of what the built versions have)
  • HMG teams and MG nests have now an ability to shoot in "long bursts" (fast suppression, low damage) or "short bursts" (slow suppression, more damage)


  • Bolt-action rifles no longer shoot in synchronized volleys
  • Snipers no longer gain HP and are no longer harder to hit with Veterancy levels
  • Standardized camo settings for infantry units (bonuses, how long they stay revealed etc.)
  • Units that can upgrade LMG will gain Suppressive Fire ability upon purchase
  • Infantry-carried flamethrowers no longer insta-kill infantry in buildings/trenches/emplacements
  • Builder and engineer infantry units now repair destroyed points in 2 seconds
  • Artillery:
  • Removed unit limit on static howitzers
  • Static Howitzers can only fire their barrages when owned by Artillery doctrines (Infantry, Arty, Def, SE)
  • Added ammunition upkeep to artillery units with indirect fire abilities
  • Added ammunition upkeep to artillery units:
    • Pack howitzer, LeiG18, Autocar: 4 munition
    • Calli Jeep/Sherman, Maultier, 150mm Nebels, 95mm Cromwell/Churchill, 25 pounders: 7 munition
    • 105mm arty (US/WM howitzers), Priests, Wespe, Stuka HT, Hotchkiss: 10 munition
    • 210mm Nebels, Hummels, Sturmtiger, Grille: 13 munition


  • Removed ammunition cost from building MG nests and mortar emplacements (to reflect the ammution cost removal from MG/Mortar teams)
  • All Triage Centers now cost 180MP (from 300MP (US/CW) and 180MP 10F (WM))
  • HQ buildings of USA and WM can now get an upgrade that will heal infantry in the base sector (150MP 30 ammo)
  • Triage centers now heal in the range of 20 (from 15)


  • When a placed Demolition charge is revealed, it is now possible to detonate it by shooting at it
  • Mine laying time reduced to 5 seconds
  • Demo charge planting time reduced to 14-16 seconds
  • Removed Over-repair from all factions that had it
  • Added a basic Ammunition income of 8 to all factions
  • SMGs should no longer deal excessive damage to Marders



  • HE rifle grenades should no longer get stuck on most objects on their trajectory
  • HEAT rifle grenades will no longer deal too much damage to Geschützwagen and Marder III (damage modifier changed from x5 to x2)
  • Riflemen squad can upgrade BAR only once
  • Lowered accuracy of Riflemen Garand at distant ranges to 0.114 (from 0.17)
  • 7 men Riflemen squad is no longer available (this is temporal and will be re-introduced when we get to adjusting commander infantry)
  • Changed the accuracy and damage of Riflemen Garand against infantry in "open" cover type to 1.25 (from 1.1)
  • Changed the accuracy and damage of Riflemen Garand against infantry in "negative" cover type to 1.25 (from 1.1)
  • Lowered the chance to one-shot kill a soldier on Riflemen's Garand rifle
  • Fixed a bug where Riflemen Garands reloaded after 4 shots instead of 8
  • Lowered the suppression values of Riflemen Garands (due to higher RoF and fixed mag size, they were suppressing Volks with normal fire)


  • Build time of 76mm Jumbo increased to 65 seconds (from 55)
  • Removed invisible coaxial .30cal from M20 (both normal and Command version)
  • The top gunner on Sherman 76(W) should no longer display with pink texture with lower than Ultra Texture Detail settings
  • Fixed wrong veterancy bonuses of .30cal and Recoilless Jeeps (used to have same as Calliope Jeep which provided bonuses that had no effect, now has same bonuses as .50cal Jeeps)
  • Calliope Jeep moved to Armor Company
  • Reduced the number of rockets in Calliope Jeep's barrage to 6 (from 12)
  • Added 75mm pack howitzer to Airborne Company
  • .50cal upgrades for Greyhounds, Shermans and Hellcats now require a global upgrade from the Weapon Support Center (100MP 30F)
  • M24 Chaffee will no longer re-camo within a second after shooting HE shot
  • M24 Chaffee has now same ambush bonuses as any other vehicle
  • Lowered the scatter of Calliope Jeep
  • Fixed inconsistent damage settings of Calliope Jeep's Rockets
  • Added an MG upgrade to halftrack (25 ammo; same requirements as other .50cals)

Infantry Company:[]

Infantry Doctrine Unlock Tree

  • Fast Deployment, Defensive Operations and Mass Deployment unlocks are now separate unlocks
  • "Defensive Operations" unlock no longer reduces lay times of mines
  • Weapon Mass Production changed from an unlock to an upgrade in WSC (100MP 80Ammo)
  • Weapon Mass Production upgrade requires Supply Yard
  • Removed 75mm Sherman Jumbo
  • Removed 105mm Sherman
  • Added a reward choice between 76mm Jumbo (limited to 1 at time) or M36B1 (limited to 2 at time)
  • Changed the armor strength of M36B1 to about the same as 76mm Shermans
  • Added 75mm Autocar
  • Added Priest as a mobile arty unit
  • Added M8 Scott
  • Lowered basic range of Scott to 60, increased scatter and lowered accuracy against moving targets
  • Added a long range shot ability for Scott (can be used only against buildings)
  • Revized CQB camo settings to prevent situations where they could easily shred enemy infantry over great distances
  • Removed Combat Engineers
  • Ranger squads now require CQB unlock rather than Ranger truck (effectivelly lowering their CP requirement to 2CP from 4CP)
  • Changed the armor type of Rangers to standard infantry (from "elite infantry" which made snipers super accurate against them)

Airborne Company[]

Unlock Tree:[]
  • Fuel crate from the Supply Drop ability swapped for another Ammo crate
  • Cost of the Supply Drop ability dropped to 200MP (from 300MP)
  • In Airborne Company Air raid replaced by AT rocket air strike for 200 ammo
  • AB Rocket Air Strike fires 8 rockets (the rockets hit closer to each other, leaving less space for vehicles to dodge getting hit)
  • Lowered the strength of bombing runs (mainly effective against static defenses and infantry, lowered effectiveness against tanks)
  • Bombing run cost reduced to 140 ammo
  • Removed ammunition cost from Airborne doctrine's HMG and Mortar paradrops
  • Fixed a bug where Straffing plane was shooting only from 3 MGs instead of all 4
  • Straffing strike now changed to use "AP" bullets by default ("Straffe AP bullets" upgrade removed from WSC)
  • Lowered HP of 101st by 10
  • Removed Phosphorus Grenade from 101st and HQ squad
  • 101st Airborne can now buy 2nd Recoilless Rifle for 65 ammo
  • Removed Sniper and Engineer from Airborne HQ squad
  • Added options to paradrop AB Sniper, Engineers or Medics near AB HQ squad
  • At Vet4 AB HQ squad gets an offmap 105mm barrage instead of mortar barrage
  • Cost of AB HQ squad lowered to 400MP (from 680MP)
  • Reinforcement cost of AB Recon Squad lowered to 32MP (from 60MP)
  • Airborne Recon Squad will now reveal itself after firing the first shot
  • Satchel Charge Throw ability of AB Engineers replaced by Resource Scavenge
  • Paradropped MG team in AB doctrine has now the 1919a4 MG (the one Ranger MG has)
  • Johnson LMG can only fire when static
  • Johnson LMG reload time set to 2.5 - 3 sec (from 3-4)
  • Johnson LMG cooldown multipliers changed to 0.45/1/1.2/1.4 (from 0.45/1/2/2)
  • Lowered the minimum damage of Recoilless Rifle to 70 (from 80)
  • Lowered the damage of Recoilless Rifle against vehicles and tanks
  • Increased the chances of various critical hits of Recoilless Rifle against vehicles and tanks (engine damaged/destroyed, main/secondary weapon destroyed)

Armor CompanyUnlock Tree[]

Armor Doctrine Unlock Tree 5.2


Reorganised command tree unlocks

Field Repairs removed from the unlock tree

Added an unlock into command tree which improves performance of Combat Engineers (adds satchel charges, CE take less damage)

"Allied Warmachine" and "Rapid production" unlocks merged together (when you unlock the Warmachine ability, your Motorpool and Tank depot produce units faster)

"Experienced Tank Crews" now correctly gives Vet1 to 75mm Jumbo

75mm Jumbo now correctly gets advanced repairs when the upgrade is purcheased

  • Removed reward choice between M36 and M36B1 (now only has access to M36)
  • Removed M8 Scott
  • Removed 76mm Sherman Jumbo
  • Added 75mm Sherman Jumbo
  • Added Sherman 105 (has no barrage ability, can fire directly at normal range + long range with ability; requires unlock)
  • Added static AA mode to M15A1
  • Increased the accuracy of M36 Jackson to 1/1/0.9/0.85 (from 1/1/0.75/0.75)
  • Lowered cost of M36 Jackson to 600MP 75F
  • Added Combat Engineers (previously in Infantry Company)
  • Combat Engineers now require Motorpool to be built
  • Tank Repair ability cost drop to 35 ammo (from 50)
  • Added Field Repairs upgrade to the Weapon Support Center (unlocks Advanced Tank Repair ability; still requires Vet1)
  • Increased range of Tank Commander Off-map Barrage to 90 (from 70)
  • Increased cost of Tank Commander Off-map Barrage to 100 ammunition (from 85)
  • Lowered the cost of Smoke Cloud abilities on Shermans to 15 ammo (from 50)
  • Changed the Recon bonus of Command Car, now it provides +10 vision range and detection of enemy tanks in FoW at range of 70
  • Recon buff from Command car no longer affects tank destroyers
  • After you get the 2nd Tank Depot upgrade M36 Jacksons will have engine upgrade by default


Unit availability:[]
  • in the 1st HQ truck:
    • from the start: Sappers, BOYS squad, HMG team, Lieutenant, 6 pounder, Daimler Armored Car
    • after LT: Rifle Section, Assault Tommy squad, 2inch Mortar team, Wasp, Bren, Support HQ truck
  • M3 T48 (57mm Halftrack) is now available to all doctrines (from RE only)
  • Stuart Recce is now available in the Support Truck
  • Sherman V is no longer a reward unit (available to all doctrines)
  • Cromwell is no longer a reward unit (requires Captain)
  • Command tank limited to 1 at a time
  • Wasp cost lowered to 300MP 10F (from 400MP 15F)
  • Range of Wasp's flamethrower increased to 50 (from 25)
  • Increased the speed of Wasp to 5.3 (from 5.1)
  • Littlejohn upgrade (Daimler, Tetrarch) no longer provides damage bonus to the main gun (penetration and accuracy bonuses are still unchanged)
  • 2 pounder guns (Daimler/Tetrarch) will no longer bounce off of Motorbikes
  • Daimler Armored car doesn't use a non-existent hull-MG anymore
  • Added static AA mode to Crusader tank
  • Added Assault Tommy squad (4 Tommies armed with Sten guns)
  • Lieutenant and Captain now cost fuel only the first time you buy them (after that the fuel cost is removed)
  • Lieutenant has now 2 "bodyguards" in his squad
  • Lieutenant's aura bonuses put more in line with command bonuses of other command units
  • Lieutenant's aura no longer increases movement speed of affected infantry
  • Tank Commander moved to Support Truck
  • 15 fuel cost of Lieutenant is paid only the first time you get him (if LT dies, buying him again does NOT cost fuel)
  • 30 fuel cost of Captain is paid only the first time you get him (if Captain dies, buying him again does NOT cost fuel)
  • Added one soldier to the Assault Squad (this also increases the cost of the squad to 360MP from 288MP)
  • Added Smoke Grenade ability to Assault Squad
HQ Trucks:[]
  • Cost of Soldier HQ truck increased to 65Fuel (from 35)
  • Armor HQ Truck cost increased to 90 Fuel (from 50F)
  • HMG build time increased to 45 seconds (from 36)
  • When the 3-inch mortar emplacement is captured it will now require ammunition to fire its barrage
  • Corrected description of CW Staghound
  • Fixed a bug where 2 pounder guns would need 2-3 hits to destroy a schwimmwagen
  • Vickers HMG setup time increased to 6 seconds (from 3; same value as the US and Axis HMGs)

Royal Artillery Support[]

Unlock Tree:[]
  • "Dummy Targets" unlocked removed
  • Added "Canadian Infantry Training" unlock (gives Vet1 to Canadian Infantry squads + allows vehicle spotting in FoW)
  • Added Canadian Sherman Support ability to Artillery doctrine (same as in RE - callin for 2x 76mm Shermans; requires Command Tank; for now remains in RE too)
  • Removed Achilles
  • Removed 95mm Cromwell from Artillery Doctrine
  • Added Churchill MK IV with a 6-pounder (requires unlock and Command Tank to be fielded)
  • Removed Commandos from the Support truck
  • Canadian Infantry added in Support Truck
    • can upgrade SMGs and/or Brens
    • can use "Mark Artillery Target" ability
  • Emplaced 25 pounder requires just Armored Truck (same as "naked" version; used to be truck + Captain for emplaced version)
  • 25 pounders have now lower scatter (so shots hit closer to the selected position)
  • 25 pounders now deal more damage to all infantry (damage to vehicles, tanks, buildings and other targets unchanged
  • Lowered cooldown on abilities of 25 pounders to approximately 10 seconds
  • Sherman 76mm call in now also costs 120 fuel to use


  • PIII changes:
    • now easier to penetrate from all sources by 20%
    • Lowered turret rotation speed to 15 (from 35)
    • HEAT/B shot cannot be used when HE mode is active (applied to PIII and all Stubby PIV versions)
  • PIV F2 changes:
    • now available in BK and Propaganda docs without unlock
    • cost lowered to 390F 40M (with Mass Produdction 360MP 35F)
  • Added an MG upgrade to halftrack (15 ammo)
  • Lowered the scatter of 150mm Nebelwerfer
  • Spotter now has his own portrait
  • GrB39 squad moved to Barracks
  • GrB39 squad available only in Blitzkrieg doctrine
  • Changed accuracy values for Volksgrenadier's Kar98 to 0.7/0.55/0.4/0.4 (from 0.7/0.55/0.35/0.35)
  • Changed accuracy values for Grenadier's and Stormtroopers' Kar98 to 0.8/0.65/0.5/0.5 (from 0.8/0.65/0.45/0.45)
  • Changed damage of Volksgrenadier's, Grenadier's and Stormtroopers' Kar98 to 30-30 (from 23-33)
  • Volksgrenadiers and Grenadiers now gain Suppression ability when they upgrade LMG
  • Changed the accuracy and damage of Volks' and Gren's Kar98 vs enemy in "open" cover type to 1 (from 1.25)
  • Changed the accuracy and damage of Volks' and Gren's Kar98 vs enemy in "negative" cover type to 1 (from 1.25)
  • Dropped the cost of Grenadiers to 360MP (from 410MP)
  • Grenadiers description now says they require "Defensive Doctrine" instead of "Defensive Tactics"
  • Blitzkrieg and Propaganda doctrines can no longer build classic bunkers
  • Tier 2 building no longer requires T2 upgrade from HQ to be built
  • Units available in T2 building without T2 upgrade: Transport Halftrack, 50mm PaK, 28mm Halftrack (Defensive Doctrine), 20mm flak38 Halftrack (Defensive Doctrine), 37mm PaK36 Halftrack (Blitzkrieg Doctrine; HE mode becomes available only with T2 upgrade), Flame HT (Propaganda Doctrine); other units require T2 upgrade to be built, units that previously required T3 upgrade still require T3
  • Tier 2 building fuel cost reduced to 15 (from 20)
  • Tier 2 upgrade fuel cost increased to 20 (from 15)
  • LeiG18 is no longer a reward unit, can be built in Forward HQs by any doctrine
  • PaK36 returned to HQ
  • Removed the "Rocket" ability from 50mm PaK38
  • Lowered the damage of 88mm Flak36 to 120-150 (from 150-200) to unify it with Tiger gun (and to no longer be stronger than KT gun)

Defensive Doctrine[]

Defense Doctrine Tree Unlock 5.2

  • Reorganized Unlock tree
  • Fortify Perimeter upgrade (MGs on top of base building) moved to HQ (150MP 15F)
  • Fortify Perimeter will only allow to base buildings fire their MGs when the buildings are fully built
  • Added unlock "Improved Observation Posts" (increases HP of OPs (+200); OPs take less damage (-35%), have increased sight range (double of normal) and detect enemy vehicles in FoW)
  • 280mm offmap Rocket artillery strike changed for 150mm offmap Hummel barrage (6 shots, 3-6 delay, 250 seconds recharge)
  • Pioneers now receive improved Repair ability only after Pioneer unlock (changes repair speed from "5" to "8")
  • Flakpanzer 38(t) removed
  • Puma 50mm (reward for Puma with 20mm) removed
  • StuPa removed
  • Elefant now has Ambush ability insted of "static position"
  • Elefant now has ALRS (Vet2 required)
  • Grille now fires a barrage of 4 shots with a bigger scatter so it hits an area (from 1 very accurate shot)
  • 28mm Halftrack now mentions in its description that it provides a construction speed buff to Pioneers when near them
  • 28mm Halftrack crew now consists of Pioneers (only a visual change)
  • 28mm Halftrack can now build various types of emplacements with AT/field guns
  • Changed Jagdpanzer IV L48 armor type to "tp_armour_axis_jagdpanzeriv" (from Hetzer type)
  • Removed Received Accuracy and Received Penetration modifiers from Jagdpanzer IV L48
  • Changed Jagdpanzer IV L70(A) armor type to "tp_armour_axis_jagdpanzeriv_l70" (from Hetzer type)
  • Removed Received Accuracy and Received Penetration modifiers from Jagdpanzer IV L70
  • Added static AA mode to sdkfz 251/17 (Halftrack with 20mm flak)
  • StG44 upgrade for Grenadiers replaced by G43 upgrade (possible to upgrade 2x)
  • The officer no longer provides same bonuses to surrounding infantry; instead he provides sector-wide defensive bonuses (similar to CW Captain):
    • lvl0:
      • infantry in sector: weak HP regeneration over time; rec. suppression -50%
      • infantry in sector in trenches/neutral buildings: rec.damage -5%; rec.accuracy -15% (defensive bonuses from "fight and cover" don't apply in trenches/buildings)
      • Emplacements/bunkers: max HP +25%
    • lvl2:
      • infantry in sector: HP regeneration 0,004; +15% max HP
      • Emplacements/bunkers take 5% less damage
    • lvl3:
      • bonus to income from the sector he's in (+3ammo/fuel)
  • Bunker cost reduced to 450MP (from 550MP)
  • Cost of Pantherturm lowered to 450MP 45F (from 500MP 60F)
  • Bunkers/Pantherturms are now neutral when not garrisoned (can be garrisoned by opponent if left unguarded)
  • Removed upgrades from bunkers: Feurleit, HMG, Medic and Repair station
  • Observation bunker can no longer build scouts and snipers
  • Bunkers have now 0 vision (they are neutral when not garrisoned so they cannot provide vision but vision is provided by garrisoned infantry)
  • Observation bunker upgrade increases vision of garisoned infantry
  • Increased HP of Pantherturm to 5000 (from 3000)
  • Pantherturm gun no longer auto-targets nearby infantry
  • Added an option to build a Heavy Healing Bunker and a Heavy Repair Bunker as separate buildings
  • MP40 upgrade for Pioneers now costs 25 ammo but only gives 2 MP40s (can be upgraded 2x)
  • 105mm howitzers no longer get unintended range bonus at Vet3

Blitzkrieg Doctrine[]

Blitzkrieg Doctrine Unlock Tree 5.2

Unlock Tree:[]
  • Reorganised command tree unlocks
  • Grenade volley of Stormtroopers is now unlocked with veterancy unlock
  • Offmap combat group (StuG/PIV + infantry callin) is now unlocked with Tank Factory upgrade (requires Tank factory to be built)
  • StuGs require unlock
  • Added a Stuka bomber ability (135 ammo, 180 seconds cooldown)
  • Mass production no longer lowers the cost of Ostwind
  • Mass Production unlock reduces the cost of Panzer IV H to 525MP 55F (from 450MP 65F)
  • Cost of Battlegroup call in set to 700MP (from 850MP)
  • Battle group now always provides upgraded PIII N and Urban Assault squad
  • Removed all Tigers
  • Panzer IV D removed from Blitzkrieg doctrine
  • Panzer III N added to Blitzkrieg doctrine
  • Added Flakpanzer 38(t) "Gepard"
  • Added a new reward option for Blitzkrieg doctrine: StuH42 (available from Tank Factory, 480MP 60F) or StuPa (available from Heavy tank factory, 600MP 50Ammo 100F)
  • Added Panther D as a buildable unit
  • Added Panther G Ace call-in (instead of Tiger Ace) - fully upgraded Panther G with Tank Commander inside; one at a time
  • Added Accurate Long Range Shot to Panther Ace in BK doctrine (requires Vet3)
  • Added "Assault" ability to Panther Ace (same as Panther D)
  • Rapid Fire is available immediately for Panther Ace
  • Panther Ace received stat buffs just as other Ace units have (small accuracy, reload speed and HP buffs)
  • Camouflage ability of StuG IV no longer requires Veterancy level 1
  • StuG III now has Mark Target ability
  • Drop smoke ability of StuGIII no longer requires StuG to face the position where the smoke is deployed
  • Added a Command PIV (requires Tank factory production Unlock in Command tree; bonuses do not apply to StuH and StuPa)
  • Panzer IV H basic cost dropped to 550MP 65F (from 80F)
  • Panzer IV F2 has now base damage same as PIV H/J
  • Lowered maximum range of HE rounds of 37mm Halftrack to 50 (from 60)
  • Tweaked the AoE of 37mm Halftrack HE rounds so that now there is some chance that infantry in the AoE gets lucky and won't take any damage (just as with any other HE rounds)
  • Static AA mode added to Flakpanzer 38(t) (in this mode the weapon rotates in full 360° to attack enemy planes)
  • Lowered cost of Flakpanzer 38(t) to 310MP 20F (from 320MP 30F)
Howitzer Tanks:[]
  • StuH and StuPa no longer gain scatter reduction with Veterancy levels
  • Lowered range of StuPa to 60
  • Increased the scatter of StuPa
  • Significantly lowered accuracy of StuPa against movig targets
  • Added "Long Shot" ability to StuPa (fires one shot at range 80, 45 ammo per shot; only targetable at emplacements and buildings)
  • Added ammunition upkeep to StuH (12)
  • Lowered range of StuH to 60
  • Increased the scatter of StuH
  • Significantly lowered accuracy of StuH against movig targets
  • Added "Long Shot" ability to StuH (fires one shot at range 85, 25 ammo per shot; only targetable at emplacements and buildings)
  • Lowered accuracy of StuPa to 0.75/0.6/0.45/0.2 (from 0.75/0.6/0.5/0.4)
  • Lowered the cost of StuPa to 550MP 100F (from 600MP 100F 50 ammo)
  • Removed Grenadiers
  • Created two types of Stormtrooper squads: "Normal" squad comes with 1x StG44 and 5x Kar98; "Urban Assault Squad" comes with 1x StG44 and 5x MP40
  • Blitzkrieg doctrine can now build Stormtrooper squads in Barracks
  • Cost of Stormtrooper squads lowered to 360MP (call in squad cost kept at 450MP because it can enter map anywhere through buildings)
  • Lowered cost of Suppression Stormtroopers to 475 (from 500MP)
  • Suppression Stormtroopers are now unlocked with Stormtrooper Hlaftrack (do not require separate unlock)
  • Suppression Stormtroopers can no longer be called in from command panel (available only from Stormtrooper Halftrack)
  • Lowered the Suppressive Fire ability cost of Suppression Stormtroopers to 15 ammunition
  • Stormtroopers can no longer upgrade LMG
  • Demolition Stormtroopers now require separate unlock (can be still called in from command pannel)
  • Demolition Stormtroopers callin now states that the ability needs 4 free Pop points (from incorrect 6)
  • Lowered HP of all squad members of AT rifle squad to 60 (from 80)
  • AT rifle squad leader now uses Kar98 (from MP40)
  • Removed 46mm AT grenade from AT rifle squad
  • Lowered maximum range of GrB39 to 60 (from 65)
  • Lowered accuracy of GrB39 to 85%/75%/65/55% (from 100%/90%/80%/70%)
  • Increased aim time of GrB39 to 1-2 seconds (from 1)
  • Lowered projectile speed of GrB39 grenades to 50 (from 75)
  • Removed building options from GrB39 squad
  • GrB39 squad no longer receives bonuses when shooting from camo
  • Added option to upgrade Pioneers in Blitzkrieg doctrine with MP40 (3x MP40 for 10 ammo)
  • Urban Assault Stormtroopers now have a symbol different from Volksgrenadiers
  • Removed the option to build regular bunkers
  • Removed the reward choice between StuG III and IV for Blitzkrieg doctrine (both are now available)

Propaganda Doctrine (former Terror Doctrine[]

Propaganda Doctrine Unlock Tree 5.2

  • Unlock tree reworked
  • 280mm offmap rocket strike now available in this doctrine
  • Added Ostwind
  • Lowered cost of Ostwind to 400MP 55F(from 500MP 55F)
  • added "Fear aura" to Tigers and Kingtigers (debuffs enemy vehicles around - requires CP unlock)
  • Added StuG IV Late version (Tank Factory)
  • Changed the cost of Flame Halftrack to 300MP 20F (from 275MP 35F)
  • Added Sdkfz 250/9 as a doctrine-specific halftrack (available immediately after building 2nd tier building; previously only available to PE as a reward unit)
  • Infantry can now reinforce around the early version of Tiger tank
  • Lowered the cost of HE ammunition upgrade of Ostwind to 50 (from 75)
  • removed Grenadiers
  • added Volksstrum squad
  • Volkssturm squads have their Veterancy level XP requirements lowered by 25% (a.k.a they vet up faster)
  • Volkssturms are easier to hit by 25% by default
  • Volkssturm squads become 10% harder to hit per veterancy levels 1,2,3 (from the global 5%)
  • Changed penalties for clustered infantry on Volkssturm (now they only get faster suppressed instead of being easier to hit and taking more damage)
  • Removed the option to build regular bunkers
  • Propaganda abilities reworked (now put nerfs on enemies instead of forcing retreat)
  • added reward option: Tiger ausf.E Early/Late
  • Flame barrage of Walking Stuka now gets unlocked by 3rd Phase upgrade
  • Added “Increased squad size” for Volkssturm (160MP each; available in HQ, possible to upgrade 2x)
  • Incendiary mortar shot (for mortar team) can now be unlocked with Stuka Halftrack unlock

Panzer Elite[]

  • Added static AA mode to Opel Blitz (unarmored truck with 20mm flak)
  • Nashorn gun will no longer fail to penetrate M18 armor
  • Removed the "Registered Artillery" ability from PE buildings

Scorched Earth[]

  • Swapped the unlock positions of Hummel and Ammunition Carrier in the SE tree
  • Lowered the CP cost of Ammunition Carrier to 1CP (from 2CP)
  • Increased the CP cost of Boobytrap unlock to 2CP (from 1CP)
  • Lowered the cost of bunkers to 450MP (from 550MP)
  • Lowered the cost of the mortar bunker (SE) to 450MP 50 ammo (from 800MP 100 ammo)
  • Added an upgrade to the Mortar Bunker that increases its vision range
  • Mortar bunker now only fires its mortar with the barrage ability (no longer auto-shoots at enemies around)
  • Removed Wespe
  • Added Hotchkiss
  • Lowered Hummel barrage cost to 75 ammo (from 100)
  • Lowered Hummel FERN barrage cost to 100 ammo (from 125)
  • Lowered costs of barrages from 210mm Nebelwerfer to 75 ammo (from 100)

Luftwaffe Tactics[]

Luftwaffe Doctrine Unlock Tree 5.2

Unlock tree:[]
  • Removed Stuka Patrol
  • Separated airstrike unlocks for straffing run and Stuka
  • Henschel patrol transformed into two Henschel planes sent in a specific direction
  • Henschel ability cost dropped to 185 ammo (from 200)
Support Equipment:[]
  • Allows Gebirgs to upgrade LMG34
  • Enables LeiG18 drop (Gebirgs) and HMG/Mortar drop (Fallshirms)
  • Enables Gebirgs to lay Shuemine (from build menu)
Defense Training:[]
  • Adds +10 HP to Fallshirmjägers and Command Squad
  • Gebirgsjägers in cover gain defense bonuses (same as before)
Veterancy training:[]
  • Gebirgs and Fallshirms gain Vet1
  • Gebirgs and Fallshirms take 25% less damage
  • appart from sabotaging points, Fallshirms will also capture points faster
  • Lowered the Wirblewind cost to 400MP 40F (from 500MP 55F)
  • The 20mm anti-tank cannon on the straffing plane will now properly target vehicles
  • Increased damage of Stuka bomb against buildings and emplacements
  • Lowered the HP of Henschel planes to 95 (from 125HP)
  • Henschel airstrike ability now sends 2 planes
  • Luftwaffe can now upgrade HEAT ammo on stubby PIV
  • Fallshirmjagers:
    • Lowered the HP to 70 (from 80)
    • Leader comes with FG42, rest of the squad with MP40
    • Added FG42 as possible upgrade (75ammo for 2 weapons; can upgrade anywhere; possible 2x)
    • Increased the unit cap to 3 (from 2)
    • Fallshirmjägers cost dropped to 400MP (from 550MP)
  • Gebirgsjagers:
    • Lowered the HP to 70 (from 80)
    • Leader comes with Scoped G43, rest of the squad with Kar98
    • Added Scoped G43 as possible upgrade (75ammo for 2 weapons; can upgrade anywhere; possible 1x)
    • Added a LMG34 upgrade (75 ammo for 1 weapon; requires unlock)
    • No longer come with defensive bonuses in cover
    • Can use "Suppressive fire" ability when upgraded with LMG
    • Increased the unit cap to 3 (from 2)
    • Gebirgsjägers cost dropped to 450MP (from 550MP)
  • Luftwaffe Pioneers:
    • Can select an area for dropping SD2 bombs
    • When SD2 bombs get unlocked, gain ability to lay multipurpose mines (from build menu)
    • Cost lowered to 300MP (from 360MP)
  • Luftwaffe pioneers in Forward Barracks now cost 300MP (same as the paradropped ones)
  • Increased time for Fallshirmjägers to disable a point to 8 seconds (from 1 second)
Added a new Command squad:[]
  • 3 men, armed with FG42
  • Passive camo
  • Can use "Heroic Assault" ability on units around (gives attack bonuses, nullifies suppression; Vet1 required)
  • Can select an area which will be covered in smoke (30 ammo)
  • Can heal wounded units around
  • Can select an area for dropping SD2 bombs
  • Can select an area where Luftwaffe Sniper will be paradropped
  • Can call in a Stuka bomber (requires unlocked Stuka bombers in Command tree + squad Vet3 + commander in the squad must be alive)
  • Works as a retreat point for Fallshirms, Gebirgs and Luftwaffe Pioneers
  • Can place retreat flag for Fallshirms, Gebirgs, Luftwaffe Pioneers and squad itself
  • Provides command aura with various bonuses to Fallshirms, Gebirgs and Luft Pioneers around:
    • Basic aura:
      • Unit speed increased by 10%
      • Sight radius increased by 15%
      • Accuracy increased by 12.5%
      • Weapon damage increased by 2.5%
    • Aura Vet2:
      • Experience gained increased by 15%
      • Squads are harder to suppress by 10%
      • Lowers delay between shot by 10%
      • Reduces reload times by 10%
    • Aura Vet4:
      • Damage increased by 15%
      • Greatly reduces cooldown on abilities of units around

Panzer Support Tactics (Formerly Tank Hunter)[]

Panzer Support Doctrine 5.2

Unlock tree:[]
  • Reworked unlock tree in TH doctrine
  • Teller Mines moved to SE doctrine (unlocked with "HT mine drop" unlock)
  • removed Resource Swap ability
  • "Cheaper TDs" unlock swapped for "Panzer Reserves" (lowers the costs of Marder I/III and Panzer IV F1/F2)
  • Added Mark Target, Experienced Crews and LMG unlocks
  • Added 20mm single Flak emplacement unlock (1CP)
  • Renamed Tank Hunter Tactics into Panzer Support Tactics
  • Changed Stuka Rocket unlock for Wespe unlock
  • LMG unlock replaced by Double AT Efforts
  • Double AT Efforts now also give Vet level 1 to Panzerschreck squads
  • AA emplacement unlock replaced with Vet level 1 unlock for PGrens
  • Added Panzer IV F2 to Panzer Support doctrine (no unlock needed)
  • Added Tiger to TH doctrine
  • Added King Tiger to TH doctrine
  • Added Beobachtungs Panzer IV to TH
  • Removed Nashorn from TH doctrine
  • Jagdtiger transformed into a buildable unit (from a call-in)
  • Hotchkiss Stuka Rocket upgrade now requires unlock (from building tier)
  • 20mm vehicles can now call in offmap smoke or mortar barrage (unlock required)
    • Offmap 105mm barrage (100 ammo)
    • Offmap smoke barrage (35 ammo)
  • Lowered the accuracy bonus of JPIV L70 in camo to 50% (from 55% - typo during the original value standardization)
  • Lowered HP of Jagdpanther to 800 (from 1000)
  • Lowered the cost of Jagdpanther to 850MP 150F (form 1000MP 180F)
  • Changed Panther D for G version
  • Tank Support Doctrine can no longer upgrade Hotchkiss with Stuka rocket launchers
  • Lowered the cost of Panzer IV J to 410MP 45Fuel (from 550MP 60F)
  • Lowered the cost of Panzer IV H to 550MP 50Fuel (from 550MP 80F)
  • Limited Wespe to 1 at a time
  • Increased Wespe barrage cost to 80 ammo (from 50)
  • Increased Wespe FERN barrage cost to 105 ammo (from 75)
  • Panzergrenadiers within the influence of a "Sprint aura" from halftracks will no longer be able to activate Sprint ability
  • Removed Assault Pioneers
  • Panzer Grenadiers can now have Suppressive Volley ability with G43
  • Combat aura around Light vehicles and Tanks now applies to Assault Grenadiers too
  • Added Panzer Grenadiers to Kampfgruppe Kompanie building for Tank Support doctrine

Words from Wolf[]

Hello everybody!

Almost a year has passed since we've embarked on a project that would fundamentally change the mod. For those of you just finding out about these changes and the "beta" now, here's a quick catch up:

For years BK has had a lot of trouble staying balanced between Axis and Allies. About a year and a half ago a survey was released to test a hypothesis on why the balance was always so volatile. The results in the survey found that a key reason why balance was also so difficult was because all the doctrines did not fall under a common design philosophy. Some doctrines were very specialized and required teamwork, but when was well supported became over dominating monsters. Meanwhile, other doctrines were well rounded and independent, able to put up a good fight but never had the same overwhelming end-game power as other doctrines. Additionally, there were clear "rock paper scissors" game strategies where certain doctrines were clear counters to other doctrines. The made it hard for players to play their favorite doctrines if an opponent simply chose a pure counter.

After dozens of surveys to players, long forum discussions, and watching endless replays, the devs decided to make a first "test" changes as a pilot with the iconic armor doctrine vs blitzkrieg doctrine. The results were promising. It was decided that all doctrines would benefit if they were balanced to be playable in 1v1's against all other doctrines. The reworks on doctrines focused not specifically on balancing the game but removing the "rock paper scissors" element of doctrine choice in games. With more standardized doctrine designs, balance should theoretically be much easier in the long run.

The time has finally come where we can release the 5.2.0 patch, an accumulated year's worth of effort in "modernizing" the Blitzkrieg Mod which features new doctrines, reworked classic doctrines, and updated fixes and mechanics. In addition to the feature changes, we also are introducing a new map! Because the mod has been tweaked to make the game 1v1-playable, we created a BK specifically designed 1v1 map. We look forward to seeing games and watching replays of the new doctrines!

As the map name suggests, there is a high probability we will be hosting a 1v1 tournament soon as a way of celebrating the new patch. We were so focused on making sure the patch was bug free and making final tweaks before the release, so we don't yet have all the details just yet. We will begin organizing for that soon enough.

Many thanks to all beta testers and our forum users for providing a lot of great feedback.

As always, we hope you like the changes and see you in game!


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