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Blitzkrieg Mod is one of the most popular CoH mods after the famous Eastern Front Mod and adds more units, expands the existing doctrines and adds a more realistic damage system to the game. It's at the heart of what makes playing this mod addicting - it's truly punishing if you make too many mistakes but is extremely rewarding if you play well.


There are several differences between the original Company of Heroes and the Blitzkrieg MOD.

Infantry units are highly vulnerable to heavy fire by machine guns (MG Squads, machine guns on vehicles for e.g.) and need good cover. The first salvo of a machine gun often kills 2 or 3 of a Squad when they have less cover.

Compared to the original COH it's more important for tanks to keep the front towards the enemy and have their sides and back covered up by own units.


  • Works with Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts, Tales of Valor or any combination of these three!
  • A much more realistic weapon damage system
  • Greatly changed & expanded Commander Trees
  • A new designed ambush system 2.0 using trees & bushes (new v4.5!)
  • Enhanced infantry and tank veterancy system
  • Many new skins for infantry and tanks
  • Many new units for all factions (>100 overall)
  • Many new abilities
  • New sounds & fx effects
  • Recommended new maps included in separate map installer
  • Historically correct vehicle speeds
  • More detailed tank descriptions (armament & armour)
  • Increased line of sight & weapon ranges
  • Increased zoom out
  • Removed team colours & projectile trails
  • Removed transparency effects
  • A total of 32 new recommended maps include
  • Language support:



Infantry Doctrine[]

Command Abilities:

  • Rapid Response [1 Command Point] Infantry and Heavy Weapons Team deployment times are reduced.
  • Defensive Operations [1 Command Point] Enable Riflemen to Construct Field Defenses. Speeds up Engineer construction of defenses.
  • Increased Mobilization [2 Command Points] Overwhelm your enemy with hordes of fresh recruits. Increased mobilization will make standard infantry units available at reduced cost. Weapon teams and elite units will remain unaffected.
  • Research: M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer [2 Command Points] The M10 sacrifices armor protection for a heavier main Gun. The M10 relies on its powerful 3 inch main gun and its speed to tackle enemy tanks.
  • Off-Map Artillery Support [2 Command Points] Call in Artillery strike on designated target area.
    • M2 105mm Howitzer [2 Command Points, requires above tech] Enables Engineers to deploy the 105mm Howitzer to the battlefield.
      • 155mm M1 "Long Tom" Artillery Barrage [2 Command Points, requires above tech] Enables: The request of a heavy artillery barrage from a 155mm M1 "Long Tom" howitzer.
        • 105mm HMC M7 "Priest" [2 Command Points, requires above tech] 105mm Howitzer mounted on a modified M4 Sherman chassis led to 105mm M7 which was by Brits nicknamed "Priest". This self-propelled howitzer can provide indirect fire support over quite large distances.
  • 107mm (4.2-Inch) M2 Mortar Emplacement [2 Command Points] Enables: Engineers can construct the 107mm (4.2-Inch) M2 Mortar Emplacement.
    • Fortified Observation Post [1 Command Point, requires above tech] Provides addition protection to infantry and secures sectors, thereby increasing the production of resources in that sector and ensures the sector is not easily recaptured by hostile forces. Units garrisoned inside can shoot at all angles. It can hold up to 13 men and distribute medical supplies to heal garrisoned troops. Also enables squads nearby to reinforce
      • 76mm M5 L/59 AT Emplacement [2 Command Points, requires above tech] Enables: Engineers can construct the 76mm M5 L/50 AT Emplacement.
  • Close-Quarters Battle (CQB) Squad [2 Command Points] CQB Squads, having infiltrated the battlefield beforehand, may appear from their hiding place in the selected building or enter from the edge of the map, if no building was selected.
    • Ranger Truck [2 Command Points, requires above tech] Call-in a Ranger Truck that can rapidly deploy elite Ranger Infiltration Squads, who are equipped with Thompson SMGs and a Bazooka by default. The truck has a .50 cal. M2 MG and can transport up to 20 troops. Comes with a Ranger Infiltration Squad inside.
      • Veterancy Training [2 Command Points, requires above tech] Ranger receive special training, increasing their survivability. They also gain experience faster and gain the ability to use special ambush tactics.
  • Research: M4A3(76)W Sherman [2 Command Points] Enables: Sherman M4A3 76(W) and M4 'Crocodile' Sherman can be produced. In comparison to the M4 Sherman, Sherman M4A3 76(W) version has an improved main gun which is a lot more effective against armored targets and thus better suited for fighting German tanks.
    • Specialized Armor Support [3 Command Points, requires above tech] Depending on your reward selection unlocks either M4A3E2 76mm Sherman or M36B1 "Jackson", also allow production of M4 "Crocodile" Sherman.

Airborne Doctrine[]

Armor Doctrine[]

British Commonwealth[]

Royal Artillery Suppport[]

Royal Airforce Support[]

Royal Engineers Support[]


Defense Doctrine[]

Blitzkrieg Doctrine[]

Propaganda Doctrine[]

Panzer Elite[]

Scorched Earth Doctrine[]

Luftwaffe Doctrine[]

Panzer Support Doctrine[]


The current Blitzkrieg Mod Patch is 5.2.0. which was released on 14 September 2020.

Blitzkrieg Mod Patch List
# Designation Released Announcement
18 5.2.0 14 September 2020 Official Forum, Steam
17 5.1.7 15 March 2019 Official Forum, Steam
16 5.1.6 29 November 2018 Official Forum, Steam
15 5.1.5 26 August 2018 Official Forum, Steam
14 5.1.4 22 March 2018 Official Forum, Steam
13 5.1.3 11 December 2017 Official Forum, Steam
12 5.1.1 [Test] 7 November 2017 Official Forum
11 5.0.0 4 September 2017 Official Forum
10 4.9.8 7 May 2017 Official Forum
9 4.9.7 8 March 2017 Official Forum
8 4.9.6 13 February 2017 Official Forum
7 4.9.5 03 April 2016 Official Forum
6 4.9.3 30 August 2015 Official Forum
5 4.9.1 [Test] 29 August 2015 Official Forum
4 4.9.0 [Test] 12 July 2015 Official Forum
3 4.8.8 22 March 2015 Official Forum
2 4.8.6 24 February 2015 Official Forum
1 4.8.5 28 December 2014 Official Forum


The developers of this game work on this game constantly and are actively involved in the official forum and discord between posting announcements, responding to bug fixes, and questions. If you want to speak to a developer, your best chance is to make a forum account and post a thread. The devs do check discord, and there is even a bug reporting channel now (before, bug reports would get lost in the sea of messages). The devs rarely check the steam forum, though occasionally, veteran players will get on.

The community is not very big but pretty active. It appears that most players hail from Europe, so one can expect Blitzkrieg to be active from around 1600-2300 EST most evenings and very busy 0700-1500 EST Saturdays and Sundays

Content Creators[]

Krieger Blitzer has been making videos since 2015 and has a lot of videos.

Tom Wald started making videos June 2020 and has only a few videos, mostly from the recent beta that preceded patch 5.2.0.


In 2010, Blitzkrieg mod won 8th place in Mod DB's 'Mod of the Year' and 7th place for the following 2 years (2011, 2012).

Frequently Asked Questions[]

Experienced players and newbies alike often have questions that have difficult to find answers. Below you'll find the most commonly asked questions. For everything else you can visit the official FAQ.

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