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COH 2 German Commander Portrait - Blitzkrieg Doctrine
Blitzkrieg Doctrine
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Command Tank
A command tank that improves nearby forces can be deployed to the battlefield.
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Ability Panzer Tactician COH2 Ostheer 2
Panzer Tactician
All armored vehicles use their equipped smoke dischargers to prevent themselves from being seen.
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COH 2 Commander Ability Icon - Tactical Movement 4
Tactical Movement
All infantry are ordered to move at their fastest available speed for the duration of the ability. Does not affect anti-tank gun squads.
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Icons commander cmdr german air recon 4
Reconnaissance Overflight
Available aircraft will make a reconnaissance pass on the targeted location to reveal enemy forces.
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Icons commander cmdr german stuka close air support 12
Stuka Close Air Support
A Stuka JU-87 will patrol the designated area, targeting enemy units with heavy 37mm cannons.