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Best is the fifth mission of the Market Garden campaign of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.


Having successfully delayed 30th Corps, Kampfgruppe Lehr is redeploying to the town of Best, near the Wilhelma Canal. The Kampfgruppe's orders are to secure the Bridge at Best.


Primary Objectives[]

1.1.) Defend Best

"American Paratroopers are dropping from the sky, hold the town at all costs and prevent the Paratroopers from destroying the town Headquarters.

2.) Secure the Drop Zones

"There are a number of drop zones identified in the area, capture the Strategic Points at each location."

3.) Destroy the Bridge at Best

"Order the Pioneers to wire the bridge. Once wired detonate the bridges and prevent the British Mobile Command Posts from breaking through."

Secondary Objectives[]

1.) Destroy the Calliope Rocket Battery

"Silence the Calliope that is targeting Kampfgruppe Lehr."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) Capture the Remaining Drop Zones

"Capture the Strategic Points at the rest of the Drop Zones before destroying the bridge."

Medal Earned[]

General Assault Badge[]

Awarded for capturing the remaining Drop Zones.