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Battle Over Cauquigny is the second mission in the Causeway campaign of Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

Mission Description[]

La Fière has been flushed and the Causeway cleared. With these crucial access points secured, the 505th must cross the landbridge and retake Cauquigny.


Sergeant Wilson and Sergeant Craft are arguing after they lost two(in fact, 3) men for holding a POW in a house that is filled with booby traps. After the arrival, they set up the defenses, along with other squads.

Wave after wave, the Germans send more forces to take Cauquigny. In third wave, artillery strike initiates and with large German forces inbound, the 82nd Airborne Division decides to retreat to the East. However, Sergeant Wilson decides to stay and cover the rest of his men, including Baker Squad. Sergeant Wilson then get shot by a hull machine gun of Panzer IV.

After retreating, the rest of elements of Able Squad and Baker Squad defends Chef-du-Pont. They managed to repel the counterattack but the Germans reconquered Cauquigny, and lost the Able Squad leader, Sergeant Wilson.

During night, Craft and other squad members gather around and talk about the death of Sergeant Wilson and can't believe they left him behind. The squad members don't know what to do next and Craft make a decision, they will charge at dawn. Squad members feel that is a suicide mission but no choice.

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1. Move to Cauquigny

Order the Paratroopers to take up defensive positions inside the village of Cauquigny.

2. Set Up Defenses

The Germans are preparing to attack Cauquigny.

3. Defend Cauquigny

Defend Cauquigny at all costs. Ensure that the German counterattack must not succeed.

4. Hold Back Second Counterattack

The Germans are on the attack once again, defend Cauquigny at all costs!

5. Defend Against Third Counterattack

The Germans are on the attack once again, defend Cauquigny at all costs!

6. Hold Chef du Pont

Defend the eastern side of the Causeway at all costs.

Medal Objectives[]

1. Destroy Armoured Spearhead

Destroy all of the tanks in the German's initial assault.