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BMW R75 Motorcycle or BMW Assult Bike is a light vehicle featured in Company of Heroes.

Game Info

BMW R75 Motorcycle is a BMW R75 with sidecar. This vehicle is fielded extensively by the Wehrmacht because of its low cost and efficiency. The BMW R75 Motorcycle is an effective vehicle at the early stage of the battle. It has good speed and mobility even in rough terrain. Its nimble size also allows it to move into tight spaces such as between buildings. Armed with a MG42 light machine gun, it is used as raider unit in the early stage of the battle. Its good speed also allows it to hunt down elusive Snipers and Mortar Crew. Its low cost also allows it to be deployed large in number. Large numbers of BMW R75 Motorcycles can be an effective raider group that can take on most Infantry unit at Tier 1. Wehrmacht use such groups in Motorcycle Division to raid strategic points and take on incoming Infantry units. Throughout the war it also serves as a light reconnaissance unit for identifying enemy strategic location and spotter for artillery unit.


BMW R75 Motorcycle is one of the poorest vehicles in terms of armor protection. Even normal Infantry weapons can badly damage it. Conventional light AT weapons such as AT Recoiless Rifle, Bazooka, and PIAT can destroy it quickly with minimum casualty. MG Crew can wipe out a BMW R75 Motorcycle quickly. AT Fire and Tank Fire is not something that the BMW R75 Motorcycle can withstand or even survive. Most of these motorcycles will be replaced by better armed and armored vehicle such as SdKfz 251 Half-track and SdKfz 234 Armored Car during Tier 2 and 3. BMW R75 Motorcycles are rarely seen and deployed during Tier 4.

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