Autry is the fourteenth and penultimate American Mission of Company of Heroes.

Mission DescriptionEdit

The German 7th Army has begun its withdrawal from Normandy. Having only limited escape routes, Panzers and Tiger tanks are called in to keep the escape routes open as long as possible. Capt. Shultz and the remains of his elite Tigergruppe are guarding one such escape route to prevent the Allies from cutting the escape route off.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Destroy the Tiger Ace

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Destroy 20 Axis vehicles

Medal ObjectivesEdit

Destroy 20 Axis vehicles


This mission is difficult as there are 2 Tiger tanks and lots of Panzer IV and Ostwind tanks defending the Tiger Ace and the escape route, but this mission also fields one M26 Pershing and allow you to choose doctrines. I recommend that you should choose Armor Company as it not only allows all vehicles crews to repair their own vehicles and to replace the first two American tanks, it also allow you to call another M26 Pershing in case one is destroyed in the game and two Sherman Calliope to rain down the enemies and their tanks. First, instead of attack straight away, try to capture one of the Fuel point on the right side and build observation post to increase the resource. After

Trivia Edit

  • The mission is named Cornered Tiger in the game files.
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