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Autry is the fourteenth and penultimate American Mission of Company of Heroes.

Mission Description[]

The German 7th Army has begun its withdrawal from Normandy. Having only limited escape routes, Panzers and Tiger tanks are called in to keep the escape routes open as long as possible. Capt. Shultz and the remains of his elite Tigergruppe are guarding one such escape route to prevent the Allies from cutting the escape route off.

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

Destroy the Tiger Ace

Secondary Objectives[]


Medal Objectives[]

Destroy 20 Axis vehicles

Tiger Ace explained[]

The "Tiger Ace" is a purpose-designed object that follows a set of dedicated logic, not comparable to any other (tank) units in-game.

  • Tiger Ace is measured by total health visible on its top. Its engine is damagable.
  • It will harass the player in a round-based routine but will not actively breach the player's base. After certain time or taking enough damage, it voluntarily retreats back to base.
  • As its health decreases to 24%, it will retreat for one last time. During this retreat the tank is totally invincible. After that, it will stay at its home base waiting for its last stand.
  • Any damage done to the Tiger Ace is permanent. There will be no repair attempts.


-Immediately move towards the right side. After clearing the first area the Tiger should be lured out, so prepare with M1A1C cannons and a wolverine. Keep your infantry back as the Tiger would only shred them and they will not survive it's MG fire. Reinforce the main group as much as you can with Tanks before the Tiger arrives.

-After you dealt 10% damage, the tank will pop smoke and become invincible, and will retreat back to the crossroads. Move up and take another area while he travels back. 2 M10s, 2 Shermans and a Pershing can deal with this threat easily, so don't over-reinforce. Take the Chateu if you can but beware of the Tiger. There will be a PaK hidden behind the wall so protect your tanks. A few MG squads and 2 Panzer IVs are also present so I recommend sending in the Pershing first.

- Hold at the chateu and don't go any further. The Tiger is always lured out if you engage with an axis unit, so use the left flank's forces and intentionally lure him out.

- Beware of the forest area between the chataeu on the left and right and the road, as there are 2 other Tigers lurking there.

-You may want to bring in a calliope, call in airstrikes, or build a howitzer, as the tiger will not attack if it's health goes below 25%

-It is also possible to mine the predetermined locations the tiger will arrive at, at risk of losing significant amounts of infantry. This will deal damage to it, and may damage it's engine, or completely disable it if you get lucky.


  • The mission is named Cornered Tiger in the game files.
  • Medal description ("awarded for destroying all axis supply trucks") is inconsistent with actual medal award criteria. In fact, destroying enemy Opel trucks doesn't even add up to bonus objective count. Only tanks and halftracks counts.
  • Schultz's demise is later referenced in the expansion pack Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.