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Boudica's Boys is the first mission for the British campaign, taking place during the second day of Operation Overlord.


Operation Overlord. June 7, 1944. British 2nd Army's D-Day objective was to take Caen. They are a day behind schedule. 3rd Battalion must secure Authie and establish a base of operations from which to assault Caen.


Soldiers atop a Cromwell Tank column discuss one of Major Blackmore's daring achievements until they are ambushed by Grenadiers and a Panther tank. After quickly eliminating the threat, Corporal Degnan is assigned to prepare defenses and eliminate the Panzer counterattack. Once the attack is over, 3rd Battalion barrages the town and moves in to capture Authie.

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1.) Destroy the Panther Tank

"A Panther has ambushed the British column. Flank and destroy the Panther."

2.1) Order Cromwells back to the Defensive Line

"Pull back the surviving Cromwells to the road leading into Buron."

2.2) Deploy Sappers

"Recruit Sappers from the Field Support Truck."

2.3) Build an Artillery Emplacement

"Use the Sappers to construct a 25 Pounder Howitzer Gun Emplacement."

3.1.) Defend the Left Flank

"Enemies are attacking the left flank. Use Artillery bombardments to stop them."

3.2.) Build an Anti-Tank Emplacement

"Use the Sappers to construct a 17 Pounder Anti-Tank Emplacement covering the road."

4) Secure the Abby on the right flank

"Push forwards on the right flank towards the Abbey. Use Artillery to support the attack."

5.1.) Destroy Defenses Guarding the Road

"Use the Artillery Emplacements to call in a Creeping Barrage on the Anti-Tank defenses guarding the road."

5.2.) Capture Authie

"Capture the Victory Point in Authie's town square."

5.3.) Hold Authie

"Defend the Victory Point against the incoming counterattack."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) Capture all Territory Sectors

"Capture all nine Territory Sectors."


3rd Battalion Cap Badge

Awarded for successfully capturing all territory.


  • Build defenses and wait. The first part of the mission doesn't require much management aside from firing barrages from the 25 Pounders.
  • When the Sappers are done building, move them well away from the battlefield since you cannot create new ones and repair your tanks.
  • Utilize the 25 Pounders to weaken the enemy if necessary and advance with tanks and infantry support.
  • A Marder III tank destroyer lies in wait in the town. Eliminate it quickly to keep your Cromwells alive.
  • Enemy reinforcements will continue to appear until the town is captured. After which, you must defend it briefly to complete the mission.