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This article is about the Wehrmacht Command Upgrade called "Assault Grenadiers". For the Panzer Elite Infantry unit, see Assault Grenadier Heavy Infantry.
CommandAbility Assault Grenadiers

This is the most used ability in the RHS part of the Blitzkrieg Doctrine. Any infantry in the infantry section of your Kampfkraft Center can now use the Assault Grenadier ability to throw a stream of grenades at enemy infantry. This ability is useful against any type of infantry, and especially "blobs". It can also be used to break suppression and can be used against infantry inside buildings. Your infantry squads gain the ability to assault enemies with a lot of grenades. Once activated, your troops begin to throw a stream of grenades that end when the target retreats, dies or the squad dies. The grenades don't do a huge amount of damage to buildings, but they do more than guns and suppresses enemy infantry.


Doctrine Costs
Manpower Munitions Fuel Pop Cap
0 50 0 0