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The Arsenal is advance unit production center built by the Chinese Nationalist Army in Company of Heroes:Far East War. This structure produces the primar support units - the Medical Officer, Special Scout (or Machine Pistol Squad), M1935 Gun Crew ,and one kind of Support Artility.(Every Route Army owns their unique units)

  • Krupp German-Gun (Elite Division)
  • M1 75mm US-Gun (Expeditionary Force)
  • Type 92 battalion gun (Nationalist United)

In addition, this structure offers two Upgrades that unlock the abilities for training Gun Crew; and another can unlock new structure.

Similar to US Weapon Support Center building.


Chinese Medical Officer icon

Medical Officer

  • Curing Units arounds
Chinese Special Scout icon

Special Scout

  • Marking target
  • Exploding Trap replace
M1935 Gun icon

M1935 Gun Crew

  • Fire Support
  • Anti Armor in range

Krupp German-Gun

M1 75mm Gun

Type 92 Gun Crew


Rewarding Units[]

Machine Pistol Squad


Logistics Ability Upgrade

  • Unlock new units

Logistics Ability Improvement

  • Unlock new structrue