Arnhem: The Last Bridge is the sixth mission of the Market Garden campaign of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.

Background Edit

2nd Battalion of the British 1st Airborne Division controls the bridge in Arnhem. The 9th SS Panzer Division has failed to retake it. With heavy tank support, Kampfgruppe Lehr must take back the bridge.

Objectives Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

1.) Secure the Roads to the Bridge

"Before gaining access to additional heavy armor support, capture the Strategic Points on the roads leading to the Bridge."

2.) Capture the Road and Bridge into Arnhem

"Neutralize the two HQ buildings, then capture the Strategic Point on the Bridge. Eliminate A-T threats and use Armor to force the British to surrender."

Secondary Objectives Edit

1.) Secure the Munition Dumps

"Capture the Strategic Points at the Supply Depots in Arnhem to stop the Commandos from using Axis weaponry."

Medal Objectives Edit

1.) Destroy all River Badges

"1st Airborne has commandeered a number of boats to cross the Rhine. Destroy the boats."

Medal Earned Edit

Close Combat Badge Edit

Awarded for destroying British captured boats along the Rhine.


  • Most Wermacht Units available use the voices of their Panzer Elite Counterparts.
  • This is the first time in Company of Heroes where the enemy is seen using captured equipment by default.
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