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The small farming community of Angoville has the potential to be the staging ground of a short but bloody battle. Open fields in the west would allow the swift movement of large squadrons unhindered by the terrain. Medics pray that the shelter found on the eastern end would be enough to hold off an Axis offensive that would surely prove fatal for the wounded too weak for transportation. The farmhouses to the east have been long abandoned, farmers fearing the impending conflict.


  • There are two high income (+16) fuel points on this map. You have to make sure that you control one of these and do your best to harass your enemy’s fuel point. If you can manage to lock down both of the +16 fuel points, it will likely be a short game as you will quickly be able to field armor and other late game units.
  • Axis players can thrive in the buildings and hedgerows on the right side of the map, making use of mortars and machine guns. Allied players can quickly take hold of the open left side of the map with aggressive play, using their numbers to flank enemy units that venture into the fields.
  • If you can’t take an enemy’s +16 fuel point, you can put it out of supply by taking one of the key strategic points near his base. This will prevent him from getting the income from the fuel point and other territory that isn’t linked to his Headquarters. There are a total of four such points on the map, each corresponding to one of the high fuel points. Working to slow down your enemy’s vital fuel income is important on any map.