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An Ace Reborn is the third and final mission of the Tiger Ace campaign.

Mission Description[]

Safely back at Division HQ, Voss and his Tigergruppe requisition a new Tiger tank and renew their attack. Supported by the 901st Panzergrenadier Lehr Regiment, their orders are to secure Villers-Bocage and halt the British advance.

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1. Destroy the advancing British Armor. The Desert-rats armor is attempting to breakout of the Villers-Bocage area. Stop them and contain the advance.

Secondary Objectves[]

1. Destroy the MG Emplacements defending the road

Medal Objectives[]

1. Secure Villers-Bocage in 20 minutes

Clear and secure Villers-Bocage within the required time limit.


By this point, you should have gotten almost all the upgrades, turning your tiger into an incredible beast that practically eats the British Army to pieces, don't hesitate to go wild and just have fun, the backup tiger is rather useless compared to your ubertiger even at veterancy level 3 so you can leave it behind.

If it was destroyed, Hauptmann will says that the Tiger should move close to his Tiger Tank.

While the medal objective is relatively simple to attain, you may want to make it as easier for the friendly AI by eliminating snipers, machine guns and tanks as quickly as possible.

If you done destroying British MG emplacements on previous mission, the secondary mission will be instantly completed.


  • Despite the mission description giving them an official unit, the friendly AI is still referred to as 101st Tigergruppe in-game.
  • You can still find the wreck of the Tiger that you left behind in the first mission, though you can't interact with it but you can destroy it.