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This is an article about the original Company of Heroes.

The American army's Veterancy system is the simplest and most straightforward of all factions, serving as the base-line for comparing all other Veterancy systems in the game. Each unit that kills enemies in combat will accumulate experience points, eventually increasing in Veterancy. At each Veterancy level, the unit receives a pre-determined set of bonuses specifically tailored for its needs. Units can rise up to Veterancy level 3, at which point they stop accumulating experience. A unit will retain its Veterancy level as long as at least one of its members is alive. No player interaction or decisions are required in this Veterancy system, and no special rules apply beyond what is explained above.

Experience Accumulation[]

In the American Veterancy system, each unit that kills an enemy in combat receives 100% of the experience value of that enemy. These experience points pile up until the unit reaches a certain threshold, at which point its Veterancy level will increase by one.

American units do not share experience points with one another. To gain experience, the unit must kill an enemy directly.

Veterancy Bonuses[]

Each time it reaches a new Veterancy level, a unit receives a bonus or set of bonuses that are specifically tailored for it - as dictated by the game files. Two units of the same type will receive the same bonuses at each Veterancy level. The player has no choice in the matter, and the bonuses are applied immediately as soon as the new Veterancy level is achieved.

Infantry squads (including most heavy weapon squads) reaching Level 1 will usually receive increased accuracy and become more difficult to hit. At level 2 they get resistance to suppression, damage reduction, and increased firing rate. At level 3, an infantry squad gets some more increased accuracy, as well as significantly-increased weapon damage.

Vehicles tend to get a Maximum Speed bonus at level 1, a significant Penetration bonus at level 2, and a weapon damage bonus at level 3.

Again, these are only generalizations. Most units receive slightly different bonuses, or receive them at different levels, according to the unit's own specific combat requirements. A good example is the Riflemen Squad, which unlike other infantry squads receives a weapon accuracy bonus at each level, an upgrade to one of its combat abilities, but no increase to firing rate. Such small differences are, again, suited to each unit's specific needs.