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Airborne Troops Tactics
Weadrop com req 1
Weapons Crate Drop
Drops a crate that can be picked up by infantry. Arms Infantry with SVT rifles. Penal squads receive PPSH-41 SMGs.
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Dshkdrp com req 2
DShK HMG Paradrop
Paradrop in a DShK HMG to the battlefield that can be manned by allied infantry. This weapon is effective against massed infantry when setup in a defensive position.
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Airrally com req 2
Airborne Rally Point
Airborne Guards and Engineers can construct Airborne Rally Points that allow for on field reinforcement and can detect nearby enemies.
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Airguards com req 3
Airbourne Guards Troops
Guards Airborne Troops who have previously infiltrated the battlefield by airdrop can be requisitioned. Can be upgraded for short or long range combat.
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Il2atr com req 10
IL-2 Anti-Tank Rocket Run
A IL-2 will barrage the target area with a number of rockets that are dealy to vehicles.