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.55cal Armor-Piercing Sniper
Icons portraits unit british sniper w portrait
Army British Forces
Role Long-range Anti-Infantry and Long-range Light Anti-Vehicle
Men per Squad 1
Unit Cost 360Icon Manpower Small 360
9Icon PopCap Small 9
Produced By Platoon Command Post
Infantry Type Infantry
Basic Weapon 1x Boys .55cal Anti-Tank Rifle
Open Weapon Slots 0
Abilities (2)
Critical Shot
  • Allows your Sniper to fire a single .55 armor piercing bullet at a critical area on a vehicle. This shot can do anything from stunning the tank temporarily to damaging the engine.
  • Costs 30Icon Munitions Small 30
  • Cooldown:

Coordinated Fire

  • Allows your Sniper to throw down a smoke flare, which alerts your base howitzers to begin a barrage of the target area.
  • Costs 45Icon Munitions Small 45
  • Cooldown:

The 55. cal Armor-Piercing Sniper can wipe out any single infantry soldier at long range. Squads can also be decimated if the enemy keeps them in the Sniper's range long enough. The sniper also sports good penetration against light armor.

The Sniper also possesses an ability that enables it to effectively engage vehicles. The Critical Shot ability will either damage the vehicle's engine if it is a light/medium vehicle, or stun the crew if it is a proper tank. This makes it very effective in supporting friendly anti-tank assets.

Like Infantry sections with the proper upgrade, the 55. cal Armor-Piercing Sniper can also toss smoke flares to order a barrage from HQ's 25 pounders.